About this Blog

Toto’s Outsiders Blog is an estate of words from a different era today.

I lived and had my earthly being from 1876 – 19??. Having spent my youth in England, an army career and an adventurous spirit I could not assuage, I fell into journalism having met and been inspired by the youthful Winston Churchill during the Second Boer War campaign. He being there as a journalist and I roped into peculiar spy missions for what turned into the British Secret Service.

It is my writing and love of it that I now, in the 21st century make full use of an Internet connectivity that would have been the buzz and balloo of my day. As it was my love of invention and cutting edge technology, I took the white hot technology of my day, the bicycle and made it the most important faculty of the British Army and the biggest battalions they ever had.

Through my grand nephew, I like to feel a spitting image of my soul self, I am now able to share and input my research, journalistic talents and passion for the betterment of humanity into form whereby many today in the 21st century can learn, be inspired and fired up to create a movement for change, an evolution of spirit that will rid us all of the curse of a psychopathic elite, I so dangerously uncovered back in the day.

Time is not linear, words are eternal if treasured and knowledge can never be contained in any respect of dimension. It is only the human thought of limits, borders and spacial boundaries that enslave a person, a people. Expand the mind, maintain its individuated freedom and the limitless boundless magnificence is a never ending journey of beauty, awe, wonder and ultimately love!