When You Know Nothing – BREXIT!

I am long in the tooth enough to remember the whole entry circus into the Common Market. The ways we were pulled and pushed then was a gentlemanly affair suiting the likes of PM Heath’s demeanour.

Today in the final throes of Brexit led by a satanic witch and party of moronic self seekers and would be plutocrats, the circus has the same ragged top with clowns littering its ring. Any semblance of a ‘gentlemanly thing’ went west long ago and before Rees Mogg’s  plastic Ealing comedy type making the teens and millennials snigger in their soaked corner of crapulence cultivated selfishly through their latest hand held tech.

The whole idea and implementation of Brexit was formulated pre Thatcher to divert attention from the upcoming (then) master stroke of the greed infested corporate arse licking politicos who had already began placing WD40 into the revolving doors they would in future be using in rapid succession. 2008 was merely a trial run.

The greatest threat came from the hoi poloi, the great unwashed  who if they got a sniff of reality and what was being laid down for them would have seriously revolted. Revolution is a strange and to be avoided animal for the British commoner. The soup of bolshy trades unions confronting The Boss was as tepid an attempt as they were mostly prepared to muster.

Ignorance is bliss they would crow feeling terribly well heeled and educated to a philosophy in severe rabies mode. Music, drugs, the benefit system, unique inverted snobbery of too lazy to work the jobs the blacks and Pakis were taking off them suited their monstrously ignorant mentality.

Lest we avoid the class system ladder not knowingly sold cheaper in John Lewis, the middle classes, no less ignorant but in a class of their own could be seen wearing what they took as invisible dunces caps, merely, oh so politely, farted and pretended they did not shit in the same vacuous way as the working class and professed their slaughtering Godmother Mrs T was the best thing to happen to this country since Elizabeth First. Little did they know (and that was fact) how cripplingly and nauseously this modern day Boudicca would turn and savage every last penny from their precious investment folios, English castles and pension funds through her stormtroopers, the Banksters and Asset Stripping Managers.

Fast forward to today, we are told as one of the fun facts that the service industry will be ring fenced from any sort of Brexit. Of course it will as it this very service industry that has been earmarked to be the forward guard of the vain attempts to make a success of an In, Out or round the houses exit from the most undemocratic entity namely the EU.

You see throughout all these years of blindsiding, obfuscation and deliberate confusing of the creative crowd, the sole objective has been to cream off the most amount of gold, silver and ill gotten wealth for the few at the top of the shit pile.

The rest, well do we really care for the rest?

The swift and direct answer is NO! Always has been since time immemorial. However today Brexit gives us an illusion we shall be free and released from the pay the piper principle, be our own boss (really?) and see a whole new ocean of opportunity in  new trade partners, deals  and an amassing of a 21st century wealth provision as we have never experienced before, save in the days of Empire.

Of course Empire made a very select few humongously wealthy. That carried on for centuries culminating in an Industrial Revolution purporting to serve the masses yet at the same time using them as slave labour. Did I say we were rotten at revolution? Well those that were not were those steering the Industrial Revolution. The few with their fingers in the honey pot and between their East End whores’ legs, professing equality yet abusing as always their serf servicers and authoritarian followers.

Science and discovery made great leaps forward yet merely servicing the great unwashed with toys to keep them calm, subservient and on the production line. Innovators and creative thinkers leaped at opportunities to invent, create and with luck make themselves as rich as their mentors. If their patents and trademarks were not taken down, over and stolen into the rich deep pockets of elite chancers they could be considered lucky until the next tool of control  – the manipulated markets created yet another boom bust economic disaster/miracle.

A lie does not consist in the indirect position of words, but in the desire and intention, by false speaking, to deceive and injure your neighbour.

Jonathan Swift

As technology advanced under the now powerful military industrial complex ever more plastic and attractive ‘must haves’ had to be created to keep the masses comatose and seemingly happy with new found freedoms in choice, handhelds and ways of purchase methodologies. The Internet and a furious debt economy package was rolled out at the highest speed possible. It was so fast that people believed their next stop was Dan Dare’s new Sci Fi world or for the Millenials Star Wars and replicant freedom gifting bright futures.

The amount of money creamed off is reflected in the poster child images of Bezos, Suckerberg, Musk, Branson and their lesser sprog football mega millionaires, sport’s golden kinder and wannabe have it alls. The puppet masters like the Waltons, Soros, Clintons and their shady vile Wall Street thugs played their part as their Biggest Boss – the Bank of England owners Rothschild Cartel – ordered them to.

In the greater scheme of things mosquitoes like Brexit would serve beautifully in allowing so many eyes to be kept off the balls in the air, especially when the occasional one was dropped. It benefited the idea of global disorder, division and discord, along with an arbitrary yet significant genocidal culling necessary to create a far smaller slave task force of worker ants.

To anyone having lived through the divisive, hate fuelled and despicable rabble rousing repetitive drone billed as Brexit, i.e. most of us, nothing good will come from this treacle of treachery, this disabusing of good yet simple people.

What will come to pass is an even more solid disillusionment, a hardening of polarities and a field excellently fertilised to seed even greater dissent, growing violence and stupidity in equal portions and exponentially. These will be the foundations for their new world.

This new world will ultimately become a pyrrhic victory for centuries of preparation leading to this singular psychopathic World Order. As in nature where disease, virulent poisoning cycles are necessarily staunched, reprocessed and composted, so the cycle of the East will rise, like the rising sun. Banishing darkness of millennia it will herald in an eon of cooperation, respect for true diversity and an equality and balance not seen since pre-Sumerian days. The wheel turns between reinvention, yet learning from such millennia long experiments is never a given when factoring in the human element. The instantaneous blinding light of a nuclear winter is never far from insanity.

So battle your way through the Brexit Gate, pump up your posture allowing pomp and circumstance to flourish yet realise what you see as a new dawn to be the ever growing glow of your own self destruction. Its blast will become amplified as the EU implodes, the  absurdly bankrupt USA will have its plug pulled and that famous reset button will be coloured red

As surely as the West will fall into its own putrid puddle of hubris, sanity will rise and offer its compassionate hand from everywhere that never bought into the bullshit served at a bloated table Hogarth would have chortled at, drawn and cursed and Swift would have remarked insightfully:

“When a true genius appears, you can know him by this sign: that all the dunces are in a confederacy against him”

Your prepping has never before been more needed and imperative!


About the author:
Jonathan Trapman, author, journalist and Outsider merely carries on the work of Toto Trapman, researcher, journalist and Public Enemy No 1. to the elite forces ranged against him for his research and uncoverings.

Dreams and Realities, the introductory true story volume of the 7 book The Freedom Cycle is the opener and reveal to much of the shenanigans alluded to here.

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Read more of my research and the story uncovering the mechanisms of global control in Dreams and Realities

Toto Trapman
: Journalist for The London Telegraph, author of several well received books include The Dog, Man’s Best Friend, The Greeks Triumphant and Straight Tips for Subs and co-founder/creator for the British Army, the Bicycle Battalions. As a researcher and investigative reporter and ex Secret Service operative,  he was responsible for uncovering hidden pathways to the Global Deep State following the global financial crash of 1929.

Memory – The Dark Art of Not Having One

Can you remember incidents in your childhood whose repercussions impacted the whole flow of your life from that moment on? Perhaps you are lucky and can. Perhaps some are even more fortunate and have learned to understand that a particular experience became so revelatory and profound as to offer an opportunity that changes a life irrevocably.

Personally, I shall reveal two of my own.

The first happened when I was nine. I was at preparatory school, boarding. Around my birthday my godfather, who happened to be one of the country’s top QCs sent me a fiver by post. I received it with joy knowing it took care of the ‘tuck and sweet’ provisions for that term. What I forgot to do was write him a thank you letter. Some weeks after an inquiry via my parents asking if I had received it OK an embarrassed child lied pretending it had never arrived. My godfather, astute and correct in all things needing clarity got the Post Office to investigate.

Of course it was soon clear I had fibbed. I was harshly scolded by my parents, ordered to write a delayed thank you note and from that moment forth I determined to be truthful in all things in as much as I could. The scars of shame I personally loaded on myself lasted many decades until such time I learned I could let go of stuff where lessons had been  learned and merely remained excess baggage.

The second incident involved following orders. In brief at school’s end at seventeen, we all were sent on a week’s cadet corps exercises on Dartmoor. One exercise involved groups of eight of us being sent on route marches across the moors with the task of mapping ourselves back to base. Myself and a fellow Band and Drums member of the Corps, a saxophonist had zero map reading skills or compass knowledge but were straight aces at reading scores.

On setting out to accomplish this day’s task our eight were deposited at a point we none of us knew, then let loose. The major problem became immediately apparent – we had been deposited in a pea souper Sherlock Holmes would have relished and the Hound of the Baskervilles cunningly hidden within. The other six decided to quit and return to base. We musicians decided to ‘carry out orders’ come hell or high water and set off blindly into said soup.

Long story short I ended up in a bog up to my neck with my compatriot, a quiet soul when not blasting the reed, standing over my pathetic and desperate figure. I cried out that this was the end and I might as well die here. I gave up big time. We were both wet, miserable and utterly lost on that moor. In a moment I will never forget this seemingly weak young lad, a Scot no less, grew metres in stature, bellowed from the very depths of his being – “Today you will not die, Jonathan you have a life ahead that others need!” With that he stepped forward, grabbed my fast disappearing arm and with the strength of Sampson pulled me from drowning. We wandered aimlessly in a rain sodden search for shelter as night drew in. We found a small wooden hide and remained there overnight. The next morning the helicopters and rescue party found us. We were summarily told off for disobeying orders, which we had not, incarcerated overnight and I for one forsook any love I might have had for the armed forces, for the injustice and lack of empathy I felt due to us both. I also took forward to this day a sworn oath to never give up, never stop until I succeeded and holding a deep respect for Nature and Her ability to deliver lessons to her weakling sprog, through means much greater than any of us can ever conceive.

Why do I relate these events?

Because today it seems we are populated with recent generations and others who have found it either impossible or inconvenient to remember the past. For those who were never around in centuries gone by and decades before it could be excusable however that can really not be our excuse. History, the true history, is a bellwether for us all to learn by.

We must learn these lessons so as to never to repeat them again” is always the hollow cry offered up by a media and thought police in full control mode. The powers that be today and always have never er been in the business for educating people, allowing them to comprehend and learn from the past let alone educate themselves. It has always been  the sop of pretend caring and learning, while dishing out a new and improved way to dull and eradicate our collective memories through ever increasing heinous means. If learning from past experiences meant anything we would not have the continual remembrances for the fallen, for wars and horrific events scattered over history, the constant Hollywood, TV and reverse reminding through mind control. As much as reminding ourselves of our prior criminal and bestial behaviours is important, the repetition by rote is far more an indoctrination creating victims and victim consciousness. The Jewish Holocaust is one such glaring example. There have been far worse holocausts, today and yesteryear yet we are indoctrinated and legally forced many places to hold this one event as the ‘one and only’ to remember and respect with zero enquiry. Through placing the Jewish experience at centre stage it forces through intimidation, lying and stigmatising that there is only one entity that suffers and they are the Jews. This particular example not only crucifies the Jewish identity and reality it more potently allows the Zionist manipulators to curry credence from a particular culture and faith that they have zero party to, But therein lies the control and the big lie.

They know well that knowledge is far more powerful than weapons. If in the Jewish Holocaust story we dig deeper and find some uncomfortable facts within the real story, it destroys the fabricated myth spun. Knowledge and true historical research gives many the tools to fight and overcome the controlling few. It will be found, in a just world and one that seeks growth over controlling the masses, that educating and informing  past errors, tragedies and inane stupidity of our forebears that a people learn to truly refuse to make the same mistakes and grow.

We do not live in a just world. We fantasise about our so called freedoms, we raise these puffball visions up as fact ignoring totally the suppression of freedom meted out on us all as progress and parity.

Neoliberalim, special interests touted as the downtrodden take real inequality, mix it with an absolute destroy it or death mentality and fuel instant outrage. Crises are manufactured to take away assets of being now contrary to control and submissive behaviour. Encouraged by the controllers, showering deep emotional division through media blasted ‘rights’ rants, divisive ‘them and us’ scenarios and fear based nonsense it suits and feeds their disorder ploys and chaos founded plans.

The absolutism riven through such movements as the LGBTQ movement, the hate promoters of whatever colour and variety, the anger sowers and social media protagonists for sodomy, sexual liberation, bat shit political ignorant stances and general chaos coordinators are and always have used, if we only saw it, these now well crafted means to dissemble, distract and dissuade opposition of meaning and legitimacy. The very entities persuading weak political puppets to legislate laws criminalising contrary opinions and thoughts of what did or did not transpire in the past or are presently presented, have been perfectly transparent methods used by every fascist and totalitarian regime in history.

Where we have no experiential memory and are sown historical lies and fantasies, sifted truth and untruth into the recipe for education and informational access, we have the fertile grounds for rewriting history. Where dissent is made illegal, where covert and overt means are created to mass stigmatise minorities who truth tell, we have the worst of human activity.

None of us living have ever experienced anything history tells us happened. We have hand me down subjective accounts from our parents, associates and grandparents’ times. Each of these as we know are subject to personal colouring, no matter how ethical or unethical. We have documents, images and writings where much is taken as fact, as much as much also is used specifically as propagandised mind control.

Unless we have minds able to use critical thought, proper research and ethical enquiry with as little interference from outside parties and emotional blackmail, we will always get what is commonly termed the Victors’ History, the same old perpetrations of lies, damn lies and statistics!

Cultivating generations devoid of these assets, reliant on third party, often virtual twisted resources, deliberately skewed accounts, descriptions, we end up with human beings devoid of everything needed to be a discriminating, knowledge seeking, enquiring and able to commit to discourse and conversation that could foster growth in mind and comprehension. The very Fake News as touted to exist in areas of dissent and difference is the very tool used to foster such nonsense.

We cannot at this stage go back in history to witness the truth of what went on. As and when we might be able even that can be tampered with, so becoming wise before these events would aid greatly. All we realistically have is the here and now, our own experiences present and past. Until we can look at these with clarity, honesty and a willingness to be open to change, I see no change except for the worsening.

Cognitive dissonance, refusal to budge, intransigence and simple bloody minded stupidity is not going to make the cut into a wiser and more aware world. Self knowledge is everything. Constant asking more questions with an honest desire to know more is an imperative.

Those organs and people who presently recognise these truths and practice them are the present day heretics. Remember as Voltaire is attributed to have said;

“To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

We must all, so many more than presently, become heretics, become the Outsiders. We must cultivate our own garden, as Voltaire’s Candide famously advised.

“He, Cunégonde, and his friends decide to follow it, and everyone is satisfied by hard work in the garden. Pangloss suggests to Candide once again that this is the best of things in all possible worlds. Candide responds, “That is very well put . . . but we must cultivate our own garden.”

What he means by this is we need to attend to our own improvement, our own development of an objective, truly clear mind and being before we can even begin to look to a better community and global mental and physical horticulture of feeding minds, bodies and spirit.

This path is the razor’s edge, the tricky and trickster filled avenue. It will signpost many redirections, many dead ends. Some good some bad and many terrible depending the choices we individually take. Yet journey’s end, which itself is a myth, is only visioned and set out when commitment is made to uphold the natural impulses we all have in common – compassion, tolerance, patience, empathy and loving kindness. When these are highlighted, actioned and utilised as the indivisible assets of our growth personal and collective, then we will remember so much more and grow magnificently.


About the author:
Jonathan Trapman, author, journalist and Outsider merely carries on the work of Toto Trapman, researcher, journalist and Public Enemy No 1. to the elite forces ranged against him for his research and uncoverings.

Dreams and Realities, the introductory true story volume of the 7 book The Freedom Cycle is the opener and reveal to much of the shenanigans alluded to here.

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Read more of my research and the story uncovering the mechanisms of global control in Dreams and Realities

Toto Trapman
: Journalist for The London Telegraph, author of several well received books include The Dog, Man’s Best Friend, The Greeks Triumphant and Straight Tips for Subs and co-founder/creator for the British Army, the Bicycle Battalions. As a researcher and investigative reporter and ex Secret Service operative,  he was responsible for uncovering hidden pathways to the Global Deep State following the global financial crash of 1929.

The Trick of Control on Uncritical Minds

To the critically minded it comes as no revelation the war continually waging on the uncritical mind has reached overt and psychopathic proportions. If anyone is in any doubt of these truths they are, have been and will continue to be manipulated. I hold out very little hope these people will either live long, taste freedom and/or experience any sort of justice, change or development of betterment they might already or at some future time crave.

This was is as old and older than any living soul on the planet. It transcends all wars physically wrought on our peoples. It has been the cog enabling all sorts of diverse diversionary tactics, most all of any and every collision of culture, creed and belief structures. The very nature of difference, in the wrong hands, is food and succor towards an agenda of control, manipulation and swingeing power grab.

Quite likely those reading this far, which I congratulate for their persistence, will most likely have and hold up their pet objects of division, derision and battle ground illustrating the iniquity and inequity raging around us. Those who gave up reading this far already have their “can’t be bothered” switch on FULL ON mode. That switch is a prime and obvious example of how manipulated, controlled and contained mental faculties of discrimination, discussion and open debate have been corralled.

How and what constitutes this powerful control and mechanism is an ongoing discussion, so much so as to be interfered with by the very control discussed. You see the more we debate the precise orientation, make up and constituent parts of this highly ever morphing beast, the more we get redirected. QED our eye is taken off the ball. Game won by those playing us.

So are we to stop investigating who precisely is ‘in control’?

Yes and No!

The question we must ask ourselves is – are we ever going to know for sure who and what it is, this control entity? Another question – Are we in a position with our very limited individual knowledge able to even begin to decipher such a complex web? A far more relevant question we can ask ourselves – if I stopped delving into an endless black hole of riddles, purposeful reroutes and diversions would that help what I personally can do and how I myself, the only real entity I have an opportunity to fully know and control, can begin to help towards meaningful change and betterment?

I hear a loud cry of – “We have to expose the bastards who create inequality, suffering, disease and death.” I would have no problem agreeing with that yet how long or feasible would it be to bash a million year old rock with a plastic hammer hoping for it to shatter? For our individual attempts are as futile a solution as that exercise. There has to be a better way and it is stored in numbers, self inquiry and growing of our critical faculties.

Are we ever going to know the hydra?

Simple answer is no, yet knowledge of some or many of its tentacles we can quite apparently recognise and pursue. To each their own, the subject tentacles can be chased down, exposed and pestered. Some may say “it is the Bankers” others “The AngloZionist cabal” and still more “The Elite 1%” and so forth.

If we accept the fact we carry a very limited knowledge base useful for exposure, even with the Internet and our connectivity, then a targeted local, national and international approach to the sum of parts is a great way. Such collective efforts by way of petitions, group gatherings and that eponymous ‘awareness campaigns’ all help. Yet within any and each of these actions lies the invidious infiltration of the perpetrators’ forces of authoritarian followers, trolls and disinformation specialists. They target the emotional body, move to the mental body and score their winning blows on a mind weak enough to give in, give way and be as easily swayed as a willow sapling in a hurricane.

It has always been so. In prior eras the knowledge of self development, mental strength and critical appraisal was the terrain of the secret societies, the underground mind craft never publicly aired yet practised in secret. For those using this knowledge for control over others, like church, cabal and state, it went deep, dark and available to only those initiated into their cult. The level of induction has always been the controlling element. Need to know and division itself power tools withing it. For others who used it as the known power to challenge and battle such dark usage it too remained and remains to a greater extent a secret only divulged when an individual’s self work has grown mentally and proven intent to live truly as an ethical human ‘being’.

Some may call this the battle of good over evil. That description in itself can be equally used as a divisive tool, misunderstood on the superficial level as the black and white Problem, Reaction, Solution. Without developing suitable objectivity  the individual blinds itself to the whole spectrum that is experience, and outcome where these simplistic understandings will be grasped, used as foundation and the subsequent chaos will continue its inevitable journey, just as the Ouroberos, disappearing up its own backside. Even this symbol of self destruction was interpreted by those that ‘saw’ as the inevitable actions leading to self knowledge. It is the ridding oneself of all attachment to ‘self’ that transforms the way to awareness and self empowerment in life. To those working superficially their interpretation inevitably interprets this devouring as self destruction and a pitiful end to be avoided.

The web of life is at once a capturing web at the same time a most complex journey anyone  undertakes. That most of us discard the journey through handing our power and decision making over to others whose intent is selfish and slave creating can only rest in choice and responsibility, no matter how easy it becomes to blame others. To those wise enough to recognise true power and freedom is in developing our own self, all our critical faculties and facing down those pitching themselves as controllers and lords of power, the battles will be by their very nature bloody, life threatening and supremely challenging.

Thus to the inevitable question – “How then can we fight the Military Industrial Complex, the psychopathic power merchants, the puppet politicos bowing low and exposing their private parts to their masters and dealing with the daily injustice of debt economies, duplicitous regimes and controlling self ingratiating corporate entities ruling our lives, stripping our choices?”

The answer is for many a hard and ultimately an impossible one – too much is asked to be sacrificed. Develop backbones, throw victim consciousness in every form into the fire, stand up, speak truth, never accept division, self created or imposed from others and unite under what makes us all unique – our differences, complexities and similarities. Habits are the hardest things to break, yet smash those that hold us in thrall we absolutely must. Until we individually change towards our better self, nothing changes, it merely dresses differently, plays charades with our minds, molds our thinking into a place we feel comfortable with, reassured by and then further manipulated. Discomfort is the key to change, the key to release.

If it ends up the human entity is unable to work itself out of rigid structures it has itself allowed creative form, then inevitably the strongest among us will deal a deadly and curative blow to reset, redistribute or annihilate. It might be exciting or horrifying to believe that to come from human or subhuman entities striking such blows but it is imperative to always remember that which is the most powerful, has the longevity to be neither bothered nor concerned.

Nature herself. So work with her or perish is the short and long of it! How you do that is your responsibility and your challenge!

About the author:
Jonathan Trapman, author, journalist and Outsider merely carries on the work of Toto Trapman, researcher, journalist and Public Enemy No 1. to the elite forces ranged against him for his research and uncoverings.

Dreams and Realities, the introductory true story volume of the 7 book The Freedom Cycle is the opener and reveal to much of the shenanigans alluded to here.

Would you like to be a character in the next volume, Angel of Redemption?
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Read more of my research and the story uncovering the mechanisms of global control in Dreams and Realities

Toto Trapman
: Journalist for The London Telegraph, author of several well received books include The Dog, Man’s Best Friend, The Greeks Triumphant and Straight Tips for Subs and co-founder/creator for the British Army, the Bicycle Battalions. As a researcher and investigative reporter and ex Secret Service operative,  he was responsible for uncovering hidden pathways to the Global Deep State following the global financial crash of 1929.



When the Defunct Farts Just Before Dawn

As a fit for purpose organisation NATOthe North Atlantic Treaty Organisation – is a busted flush. Yet over its decaying years it has been reanimated as the buffer, threat, offensive weapon or crude slot machine for profit (choose your definition) for the Master Shit Stirrers behind it all.

Today Russia, China, Iran and several other enlightened players on the global stage have proven another way is possible. Empires come and go and the US Empire is by no means an exception to that no matter how exceptional they are told they are.

A multipolar world is the reality humanity will always thrive under. One world respecting each others’ differences, beauty, cultures and creative drives and input. A collective global family celebrating its multifaceted differences.

Some might argue while we have secret and not so secret cabals running the circus these aspirations will always remain dreams yet never form a true and trusted reality.

Others will argue this sort of defeatism is the very reason for their continued existence.

So which direction are we best heading? Is being right the next best thing or does pragmatism play the devil’s advocate and guide a slow but sure process out of the morass we have willingly duped ourselves into?

Because truth be told we will ourselves the same old, same old every time we argue, pick our petty battles against those as ignorant as us as we pretend full spectrum knowledge of the whys, wherefores and answers.

Yet all the time most seem incapable of recognising when they are played rotten to a tune that the ‘haves‘ have held in their sway for millennia. The only difference today are the tools of massive manipulation they play with, while at the same time offering us a part just as the bread and circuses did in Roman times and beyond. They cosy us with assumed personal power and choice when all the time these chimera are merely sops offered like vinegar to the gladiators of the ancient arenas, to quench our thirst for truth righteousness and fair play.

NATO, its bombast, its chest beating dragon of paper and vast expense is just yet one more example today of the repulsive waste and deception played. Each vassal state, for that is what they all are, is asked to divvy up more money while the Pentagon on its stringent budgeting spends $1.2 K on each coffee cup and $10K per toilet seat in its drive to create austerity in its multi trillion spending account. It is eye wateringly un-effing-believable, yet we meekly let these horrors float by like untouchable turds in an open sewer.

We meekly blink and wonder how we allowed ourselves to vote in the Tories, the latest coloured One Party USA or allow the unelected detritus that is the EU walk all over us with feet steeped in the poo of power.

The Hail Mary glory of social media both sanitises, supposedly morphs into a Fake News Controlled environment  as well as supplies enough distractions to zombie idiots who play their ‘turn-your-head-away‘ games to make us forget the travesties they ply. The media mainstream pretends to us they are the caring, investigative arm of our power while all the time programming the weak minds into candy floss comfort zones of acceptance of their kindness that kills.

I could now open up the illegal wars account but its already high summer, the silly season is nigh upon us and we are gearing up  for the next atrocious attrition foisted on our addled minds. Way to go August, what trivial bestiality are you about to surprise us with? New Novichok High grade potent poo? Worse organised propagandised terror absurdities to make us all hate and fear the fake terror we are told?

Ready and willing to believe the effluent they will be pouring out, we shall bury our heads in our hands, wring them white and tell ourselves “How terrible!, how terrible”. Yet will we do anything other than what good law abiding slaves have done over eons? The answer will be blindingly obvious:


So keep to the safety of the cave and the cinema playing on the wall as our suggested reality while the few of us who could not care one fig for falsehoods have stood up long ago, turned to the light and exited shouting “Enough, you atrocious Beasts of Evil Incarnate”  exposing as best we can the lies, deceit and pure evil foisted on the rest.

The Outsiders have had enough. We have fought for right, justice and the way of true humanity for millennia. No matter how many of us die in the line of duty it will go on and on.

Nature has a glorious way of keeping us together and joining rightful rebellion. Putting Her 10 million cents in by way of natural readjustment, She is our vanguard in spite of Global Warming lies and deception that will never admit Her Universal change plan is the major player as we humans flies piss and poo on our earthly paradise. We shall not await that alone because we are so much a part of Her it is our responsibility to respect Her way, Her interdependency and our utter responsibility to Her and our bejewelled blue marble.

As for NATO, it can go the way of all defunct models – To the scrapheap, farting or not, it matters not!


About the author:
Jonathan Trapman, author, journalist and Outsider merely carries on the work of Toto Trapman, researcher, journalist and Public Enemy No 1. to the elite forces ranged against him for his research

Dreams and Realities, the introductory true story volume of the 7 book The Freedom Cycle is the opener and revealer to much of the shennanigans alluded to here.


Read more of my research and the story uncovering the mechanisms of global control in Dreams and Realities

Toto Trapman
: Journalist for The London Telegraph, author of several well received books include The Dog, Man’s Best Friend, The Greeks Triumphant and Straight Tips for Subs and co-founder/creator for the British Army, the Bicycle Battalions. As a researcher and investigative reporter and ex Secret Service operative,  he was responsible for uncovering hidden pathways to the Global Deep State following the global financial crash of 1929.

Practice Makes Perfect – The Palestinian Tragedy – An Event Coming to your Home Soon

As we witness the horrendous, callous and murderous events in Gaza today, the Nakba for all Semites, Palestinian and Arabs, no-one can help but be reminded these people are our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters.nakba2

That so many do not correlate this fact, comprehend the abuse, the killing, torture, genocide meted out on these members of our global family, is down to the brainwashing, propagandised ownership of a mainstream media controlled by the perpetrators and criminals posing as legitimate government, legal status as a state.

The truth is these bestial actors are callous anti Semitic, anti Goyim, anti decent people  standing up for truth, integrity, compassion and humanity. Making these vermin (my apologies for vermin worldwide) control the governance, thought processes, actions of the so called ‘democratic governments’ in the Western world allows the murderer to rewrite criminal law to his advantage.

e7a09-balfourdeclarationscroll-11Historically the appeasement and roll over taking place when Balfour promised Palestine to the Khazarian Mafia was merely a cog in a wheel driven by a powerhouse of evil so far removed from anything anyone of truly Jewish origins would contemplate as their own.

“It is indispensable for us to undermine all faith, to tear out of the mind of the “goyim” the very principle of god-head and the spirit, and to put in its place arithmetical calculations and material needs”
Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

Today we witness the brutal regime of The Terror State of Israel finally test to the final straw what it can get away with and exercise towards its Final Solution, well learned from its Master Mentors – the extermination of the world’s population outside of those needed to serve the Khazarian Anglo Zionists Final Empire of Exceptionalism.

As their proxy puppets seal an embassy in the Palestinian capital of Jerusalem, the bait and switch of those preparing such genocide as the world has never yet witnessed, is pushed to its limits. The silence and smoothing over of 8 month old babies dying for this cause, for young children targeted and fired upon and killed by snipers the SS would be proud of is repugnant, revolting and an evil beyond the pail.

How many believe this is merely a Middle Eastern little local trouble?nakba-day

Who sees this as ‘not our problem’?

Because those so blind as to what is being perpetrated and prepared will never get the opt out card when their doors are broken down, their towns are bombed to smithereens and their loved ones, family and friends are extinguished like they witness today in Palestine. What is witnessed today is the State of Israel Regime practicing their methodology, weapons and bestial attrition to be wheeled out worldwide shortly.

The present map of Palestine was drawn by the British mandate. The Jewish people have another map which our youth and adults should strive to fulfill: from the Nile to the Euphrates.
David Ben-Gurion

Greater Israel may be a short term goal but global dominance started way before Nakba. The Zionists have been at the game of global control since its inception in the 1800s.

It is getting dangerously close to “too late”. There can still be change, however it demands people the world over recognise they are in the cross hairs of the criminals perpetrating their bestial best in Gaza, in Palestine, as they have been since 1948.nakba1

Seek out all the Friends of Israel, remind them what quisling traitors they are to humanity. Remind them who really are the anti Semites in all these plays. Then withdraw all and every support individually and collectively from them and their cowardly ignorant/conscious support they give to evil bastards.

For those in the USA, reflect on the trash you have as government, the lack of true liberty you own, the craven carving up and vomiting out of the Constitution you still believe holds true. Then ask yourself if it is still worth giving your compliance to this treacherous condition, the US/Gov/AIPAC funded project to rub you all in the dust of history while breaking all financial backs in the process.

Look at your Israeli trained police. At the military trained under the mind controlling Anglo Zionists, the joke filled political classes funded, contrived and spewed out as “Democracy and Freedom in Exceptional form”. Then question whether you are backing/feeding the right horse. mossad-organsOne thing is for sure, you’re on as loser if you do and your support will guarantee nothing save extinction once your life blood has been fully drained and your organs used to prolong the life of these vampires and cuckoos.

As we look around at most of the Western political parties, we see a totally saturated regime of Khazarian/Zionist puppets jumping to the every tune and order of a system of criminality so much the antithesis of the message portrayed as to be laughable. The media, that great instrument of mind controlling technological diversion and division, the entertainment industry force fed and under absolute supervision to messages portrayed, the creation of so many divisions, sub divisions and in fighting argument constructions as to make any sane mind dizzy, are all the tools tried and tested by the psychopathic protagonists fine tuning their acts in Palestine and the Middle East and across the Western world.

How long are you going to buy into this travesty and trampling on your humanity?

One question requiring an immediate answer today – the Day of Nakba!


, author and photographer, has written since aged 9 and photographed professionally since aged 16. Defying his early detractors he began a professional career as photojournalist, working for top titles in Fleet Street, London. Among them the London Times, Daily Express and a very short and boring stint with the Sun newspaper. Exposed to the amount of propaganda and half truths demanded from photo/journalists in the ‘70s and 80s, he decided his soul to be worth more than shekels earned from the news rooms of corporate cronyism. He became one of the industry’s foremost photographers, enjoyed getting to know the world, its peoples and a far wider vision of life on earth on others’ behalf and at others’ expense. He has appeared on TV and radio including the BBC, France Inter and online radio. He has spoken at creative and literary conferences across the globe. From early 2012, in partnership with his wife, he accomplished several translations of foreign writers. The most enduring, endearing and ground breaking has been the first ever translation, in nearly 1000 years, of 10th century Sufi founder and mystic saint Hoja Ahmed Yassawi’s Diwani Hikmet (Divine Wisdom) poetry and sacred verse. His magnum opus The Freedom Cycle is an ambitious seven book project, Dreams and Realities being the first. Currently working to complete publication over the coming few years, Jonathan presently lives in Somerset, UK.


Khazaria – Kriminal Klass Sowing Terror Murder Deceit and Lies from 750 – 2018 — Living Zen Books – The Home of Inspired Publishing

It’s a well-established historical fact that Khazaria was destroyed by both Russia and Persia (now Iran) in approximately 1250 AD, and with good reason. Many years of prior very stern warnings had been given by Russia and Persia with no changes by the Khazarians. The reason for this final destruction of the Kingdom of Khazaria […]

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From a post originally published by Preston James and Mike Harris on VeteransToday

Outrage Has Left the Building – Will All Silent Compliants Left Say Yay!

We are battered on a daily, sometimes hourly basis with even greater, abhorrent distortions of our world. The number of horrific acts of human bestiality are programmed into our minds, solidified by repetition and forced on us to accept the truths that are and always have been lies.

In the Sixties marches would be mobilised, riots instigated and wars stopped because a feisty generation of open eyed, sometimes drugged fuelled, would see the reality so eagerly buried into propaganda of the cruellest sort. Spunk was then visible and active in the Revolution Generation. Other than right wing, totalitarian psychopaths would stand firm against the rubbish thrown at us. Sometimes deaths would occur fuelling even greater protest, sometimes peaceful protest would enlarge as a Summer spectacle of resistance.

All in all there was much action and protest. This was swiftly addressed through the introduction of the Peace Love and Transcendental Movement infiltrated and manipulated then silenced through drugs, summers of love, music manipulation deadening the impulse to revolt. The introduction of AIDS, diseases and cutting drugs with all sorts of deadly rubbish, the heroin trade, organised by the CIA, other obscure agencies and with Government approval began its money cultivating drug trade at full pelt.

These were the days before the Internet, before any real roll out of electro magnetic frequencies able to be fine tuned to dull minds, quieten protest and immobilise resistance. What was happening was a concerted effort through Psyops, regime manipulation, reorganisation of the communist world towards a far greater controlled element and outcome, all the while a shrinking mainstream media primed to pump out NLP saturated rubbish dressed as soap operas, Hollywood indoctrinated propaganda and the cry for individual freedom and voice, while maintaining total control.

As this false god was proclaimed, the two faced Janus of Said and Done progressed. The powers that  be continued their pillage and rape of what was becoming a shrinking world of diversity. The corporate machine began its inexorable global dominance, under the guise of riches and wealth for all. The Few worked harder and harder to prise distance between themselves and the Many. The Military Industrial Corporate Complex became, hydra like, so entwined into itself it spread its puss throughout all regional and global corridors.

Disdain, pernicious disregard for the people, the ordinary folk ramped up while dressed in a new technology that beautifully kept people distracted, seemingly kept them in touch with like minds yet rarely in reality. The virtual world would become the new battleground for warfare. Warfare of  and on the mind.

Over sixty odd years the landscape of control has made seismic changes. The offshoots of easier lives merely tinsel scattered on such an array of confusing contradictions as to send most people running for the shelter of their comfort zones and inaction on anything other than survival.

Compliance today has been almost totally successful. The introduction of the Internet, social media et al merely rubs even greater confusion and distraction on a gaping wound incapable of healing itself. This wound now openly  accepts and encourages infection through propagandised messages, the like news media would have killed for 70 years ago.

So where are the legions and generations of revolution, alternative views, challenging talking heads?

They are targeted as dissidents, national traitors, in bed with an enemy whose actions are displaying the bullshit, lies and deception of a system in moral, ethical and utter decline. They become the terror cell, the stigmatised loathing of all that is good. The reverse is the truth but heaven help any who point this out.

Outrage for its better part is left to others to voice. Fear of dissent and its ramifications have destroyed humanity to the extent of quisling and compliant silence. Parapets are rarely shown to reveal heads rising from them. When they do they are shot at, in one coordinated voice, from a mainstream whose sole purpose is to rubbish the dissent, alternate view and destroy it. Such channels that do appear become a lighthouse in a sea of polluted lies and propaganda yet they are branded foreign agents – the enemy.

The people of the Western world have forgotten the most powerful force in existence. One power so mighty as to be able to cause more destructive force than any nuclear element. This force is themselves, their voice, their collective endeavour, their No, not in our name!

Yet due to the insidious, perpetual degrading of the imperative to know thyself as espoused to all those visiting the Oracle at Delphi, true ancient wisdom, we are left with a major part of our population who would die rather than think for themselves.

2% of the population think

3% of the population think they think

95% of the population would rather die than think

Larry Wilson

Our cognitive processes have been left shattered, cognitive dissonance the defence of the ignorant. The desire to know who it is within operating our lives, our thinking, our individual emotional responses and our mental acuity to reason has all but been erased. The fear of discovering we have been living one huge lie is for many far too great an exposure to address, let alone change. Yet what we refuse to address within us merely manifests in our outer world exponentially to the number of self deniers and refusers to become self aware.

We may feel so self righteous stomping the keyboards and handhelds to broadcast our selfish selves on social media. We may feel our indignation spread virtually is enough to change the world. The delusion of these thoughts is the very disease killing us.

It never was and will never be. That lie if believed will contain us nicely as prisoners in our own mindset for eternity. The Powers the Be will rub their hands in glee, set off more wars, bombs, fake false flags and continue to distract even more from the reality and proudly know they are succeeding.

Yet among all this are seeds and fertile growth of realisation  these travesties foisted and perpetrated on us all are delusion and the real enemy. The recognition of transparent deceit writ even larger by arrogance, self interest and belief their deception will win is being outed as surely as the Emperor’s new clothes were.

Evil and falsehood have never won. Truth, justice and right always, eventually trump these falsehoods – it is a matter of numbers and an awakening to reality that is our collective birthright.

As the evolutionary clock slips into the second before midnight are we filled with enough  humanity to face down the forces set to destroy us all?

Here is hoping!

Desperate Times need Cool Heads and Eloquency – Not Psychopaths

We are entering the end game of desperate times. Those that have their goals as world domination and eradication believe they have the Russian Bear cornered through their lies, deceit and coercive propaganda fed through the orifices of the Mainstream Media they control and have at their disposal 24/7/365.

Having been on the case and trail of all these toxic shenanigans for more years than I care to remember, I find myself at moments despairing the compliant silence of the many, wondering if resolution through peaceful means can really come to pass.

The lack of veracity, the constant bashing, denouncing alternative voices and truthful questioning the official narrative looks to have been über successful. The silence of the lambs about to be slaughtered is deafening in its totality.

The aim of all the antagonists are as varied as each of their predicaments.

The UK having completely run its main distraction course of Brexit into the buffers, in truth always a non starter. The reek of chaos, confusion and divisive views spread far. An Opposition leader always calling the truth of every belligerent push over decades beaten for that truth. Haunted by his popularity and connection to the common people, everyone outside of the 1%, the Prime Minister, her inner and outer circle and many in Parliament all shades of blue bay for cause, assuaging their petrification of being found out. Anti-Semitism, the tool of every full bloodied Anglo Zionist, is called to the fore. Old tricks die hard. The mention of economic health (an oxymoron) to be in terminal spin arouses every diversionary tactic. Austerity yet one more distractive excuse starving the Many and enriching the Few is defended with zeal.

Yet when all these conspire to produce blunt progress, evolution of awakening minds and further incredulous impatience the option to formulate a bogeyman as big as their real problems is inevitable. When all efforts to contrive covering truth with lies, deception as belief have run out history always proves the final option must be inevitable – war.

This is where the ultimate buck stops, at the door of the Money Managers, the Banking global cartels of greed mongers whose mantra has always been: “Keep all the power you want as long as we remain in control of the money”

The loss of Empire is always a hard final nail. The US is feeling the death throes of such loss and like every cornered beast lashes out its old mantra of ‘peace and democracy’ destruction style.

So we stand at the nexus of two worlds – one towards peace, the other towards war. In the past the war scenario played out as one team’s champion set was against the other’s. Today we have weapons of death by total destruction or MAD as it’s quaintly acronymed. The nuclear option has never had two sides set against each other in earnest, for real. The outcome has always been viewed as annihilation of the species. Forget the bolt holes of the rich, their arrogant thinking of indestructibility on steroids is mere chimera.

What makes today’s equation truly horrific is everywhere is riddled with psychopaths heading up the power pyramid. Set against them a man cursed as tyrant and evil yet in reality the single torch and hope of ultimate peace. Such potent leadership cannot be tolerated to upset long laid down plans. Like vermin it must be extinguished. Yet they forget truth can never be expunged so easily.

Those of us who recognise the real game going down know sanity must at some juncture overrule insanity. How that transpires is the pressing question. Communicating the narrative contravening the lies hits many who treasure their cognitive dissonance as breast milk. Calcified neural pathways harden. Anger as much as it may be righteous cannot afford to block the clarity needed conveying the other narrative. Ears need fine tuning to listen to reactive ignorance and respond to these walls. Many millions have been dumbed down, anaesthetized and stupefied and need to be reminded the end point is far from pretty, where all this mendacity leads.

Do they recognise the present goading by politicians is an easy slide into annihilation of each and every member of their kith and kin? If that does not make them stop and think, perhaps their illusion that a first strike wins. Such impotent power as the West currently has at its disposal and its first strike desires only hastens a decisive reality where such actions throw back faster than the time it takes to boil a cup of tea, total destruction. Would that be worth chancing alongside sacrifice of friends and family? Would hanging close to outright lies, slander and blatant bullshit be worth the gamble of a nuclear winter where sole survivors die slowly and painfully if they are lucky?

I fear too many will prefer to await their ultimate demise locked in ignorance, fear and utter delusion.

So tragic is it to see the potential gained through technological genius and innovation subverted, subjected and synthesised into vaccines of death, the intravenous drip fed us as liberation, freedom and ultimate choice. Before the last vestige of community, collective endeavour and cooperation are ripped from our grasp the urgency to make people question more becomes paramount. Each encounter we make, sharing realities they’ve been told are fantasy, encourages sanity to grow back into all fallow mind fields masquerading as barren wastelands.

Either way the outcomes will always be that life goes on but maybe not as we know it, Jim!

Dust to dust becomes a haunting refrain.

Never Throw Down Your Glove at a Grand Master unless as an Equal

The British Empire, adorned in all its glitz and glory days lives on in the minds of Little Englanders, the blue rinse brigade and True Blue Tories with red eye left over from a nightmare and massive flight of fancy. Such flights never come with the cosseted care of a bevvy of beauties in uniform. They do however come with mindsets filled with arrogance and spittle of egotesticled (intended) men and women, pretending to be men, who believe right, God, sans tutu, and their own divine right to laud and lie to all and sundry will bring them their inheritance so far denied outside of their birthright to aristocratic, landed or inherited elitism.

The British Empire was brought into being, like all empires, through rape, invasion, pillage, theft and humongous feeling of ‘better-than-thouness’. The East India Company started the roll towards global domination, followed by establishment elite ethics creating slavery, debauchery and domination of a perfidious and putrid nature. The bankers backing all this lust for power controlled the chess boards. They saw themselves on a win-win ticket, which they were. Many countries were crossed, double crossed and deceived in the march to world domination. Even a split-off force was manipulated and encouraged to follow the Mayflower and create a branch office. In 1776 that became realisable.

The bankers were on a roll, their political puppets, like the good lap dogs they were and still are, yapped along with the message. Marshall Mcluen’s truism, ‘The Medium is the Message’, brought into being a whole new way of control and global dominance. Two World Wars having been incited through devious development enabled the nascent Worlds Order to go for completion.

The problems arose when having organised Bolsheviks into power to control the huge and vastly uncontrollable Russian landmass and then drawing their puppet masters into fighting off and destroying their own Nazi creation, itself seeded into a post World War One neutered Germany, the great Empire found itself accepting, with huge loss of blood and treasure from the Russians, victory by the Soviets for the Western powers.

The immediate reaction was to try and break, bow and bend a plan that was about to fully blow up in Western egg- filled faces. The plan was to convince The People it was working just right. Yet people must, ultimately never be assumed to be stupid.

A carefully, naturally occurring set of conditions brought about change where now fully developed chess masters took the game on, faced the perfidious enemy and their masters and called their bluff.

Russia under a new and very savvy master chess player entered an era that would eventually transform itself into a global paradigm willing and able to share human and spiritual development equally, legally and respectfully even with its soon-to-be-dust antagonists.

That now shrivelled, depleted, deluded and deficient United Kingdom (what irony) took hold of its starved, rabies-riven bulldog and barked at the new Russia. It accused it of being criminal, intent off world domination and every other lie that can easily be attributed to the very bulldog itself. Russia’s answer lay in an old Eurasian proverb – “Dogs bark, yet the caravan moves on”.

Entering into a chess game already lost before it began, the British Establishment, complete with its fawning, compliant and crap filled media foot soldiers threw move after move at the grand master. Each move embarrassing, exposing and further demonstrating the vacuous, empty cesspit of character now leading a once considered country of ethics, respect and reciprocity.

As the mostly silent and compliant population was fed, they believed through sloth and stupidity, the propaganda and mass mind control emanating from the losers. Russia meanwhile stood fast, asked then demanded some essence of intelligence communicate and parlay with them. None was forthcoming.

And so it was that Russia, now with a truly astute, politically savvy leader of integrity and international law waited out with admirable patience the obvious outcome its opponents were hell bent on running towards and self destruction through hubris, heavy handed impotence and self-created downfall mechanisms so crude as to awaken even the more somnolent population.

This is no recent happening. The seeds of destruction were laid in the machinations of the East India Company’s own dreams of mastery over others, magnified and encouraged by the idiocy and bloated beliefs demonstrated through the United States experiment and so many failures to correct a fatal course along the way through several centuries.

What can never be defeated is the desire for evolution, even in the face of assumed total destruction. Russia, China and those who collectively recognise unity in diversity, tolerance, respect and recognition of the human family in its entirety of difference to be the project, not some pathetic World Order run by and solely for the psychopaths that believe they own it, struggle with their inheritances to create just that.

The game may look to continue but all those who have followed it, know the rules and have connected the dots so far will attest to it having been lost already with a new dawn on the horizon able to light up more than a fleeting night’s darkness. The wisdom and knowledge of all Grand Chess Masters is to reach the goal armed solely with higher intellect, intelligence, insight and respect for whoever sits opposite!

A Cautionary Tale on Highway Robbery and How to Avoid It!

Today we  have all to be hyper vigilant. There are those out there who will fly past the letter of the law travelling way beyond it to milk our hard earned money and gullibility.

None more so than the present day highwaymen AKA private parking companies. These dubiously legal entities will try any and every way to clamp, issue tickets on false pretence or even as I shall relate not issue tickets yet use their entitlement to look up your registered vehicle to send a notice of non payment of penalty charges and exorbitant further penalties.

There are many tales of woe where individuals meet with these highwaymen, masked often through anonymity of place and being. It is not to say there are those entities running kosher enterprises responsible for the smooth running of private parking across the cities and towns of the UK, but although I am certain there are cowboys in every land  this tale refers specifically to the UK.

The Tale as told:

So a trip is made to London on a Sunday, Canary Wharf being the destination. Parked up on a private parking slot marked free Sunday parking  visually, not photographically verified and attested by two trade witnesses who happened to be around, the day’s events took place and returning to an unticketed vehicle the journey home made.

Over a month later a letter was received by the keeper of the vehicle, who was not the driver at that time to inform them a previously issued ticket to the driver of the vehicle had not been responded to in the due time to afford a reduced payment opportunity and that now a payment of one hundred and forty five pounds sterling was due immediately or costs would accumulate on a daily basis after a brief payment window of fourteen days. It was stated if legal proceedings ensued all costs would be down to the keeper of the vehicle.

Knowing a fair bit about these highwaymen activities a rat was smelled after enquiries to the driver revealed no such ticket was found to be in existence and the previously stated parking allowable was in place. The driver was instructed to defend their position, in spite of a letter stating the possibility of challenging the decision had past its time to appeal.

A request was thus made to be furnished with photo evidence, (which legally must be supplied) showing the ticket on the vehicle as issued. Terms and conditions were also requested to back up claims that the parking spot was payable seven days a week.

A reply was shortly received, stating any further action was now on hold while the search for visual evidence was procured. Several weeks later a curt email was received to state the matter was now closed and no further action would be taken.

The highwaymen had been found out to have no legal legs to stand on, so failed with this alert victim to collect.

The moral here is that it is imperative for each and every one of us to challenge these and all sorts of authorities. There are wide boys out there ready and willing to rob all those too fearful or frightened to challenge. The legality used to hide behind can be as fragile as gossamer or invisible as a black hole!

What transpired is along the lines of this little trick. The firm was short on a target profit line and thus used CCTV evidence of cars in their area of interest to then find, through the DVLC (government car tax info source) the name and address of the keeper of the vehicle and send a specious request. It is certain their success rate works well as there are many more people unwilling or ill informed enough to just pay up, feel helpless to challenge ending up complying and paying.

This example of highway robbery is but one of many robberies perpetrated on each and every one of us daily, year in year out. Through taxes, spams, scams, dubious laws passed behind the curtain of transparency and so much more. How many British people do you know who would die rather than complain about a bad meal/rotten service in a restaurant? Too few – and that is exactly why and how we allow our government, corporations, companies and dodgy enterprises and individuals rip us off without ever questioning their right or legality.

Is it any wonder television shows exposing scammers, dodgy trades folk, con artists and their ilk are so prolific and popular. We are peasants always in the cross hairs of the shooting season of criminal chancers.

This small example of taking power back is but one. Its specifics are of a breed of criminality condoned yet not legislated against enough by vile elite robbers in league and also playing their own game on far greater scale than this particular instance.

The lesson to be learned is to be strong, without fear even when uncertain or unclear of your position. Do due diligence, always challenge and never accept No for an answer until it is absolutely proven against you.

Warriors arise and use your voices, your innate rights and your power to right wrongs, seek out and broadcast thievery, injustice and pillage. Only then will we see the turning tide on ethical, social, moral issues and justice whose absence plagues us so virulently today!