A Cautionary Tale on Highway Robbery and How to Avoid It!

Today we  have all to be hyper vigilant. There are those out there who will fly past the letter of the law travelling way beyond it to milk our hard earned money and gullibility.

None more so than the present day highwaymen AKA private parking companies. These dubiously legal entities will try any and every way to clamp, issue tickets on false pretence or even as I shall relate not issue tickets yet use their entitlement to look up your registered vehicle to send a notice of non payment of penalty charges and exorbitant further penalties.

There are many tales of woe where individuals meet with these highwaymen, masked often through anonymity of place and being. It is not to say there are those entities running kosher enterprises responsible for the smooth running of private parking across the cities and towns of the UK, but although I am certain there are cowboys in every land  this tale refers specifically to the UK.

The Tale as told:

So a trip is made to London on a Sunday, Canary Wharf being the destination. Parked up on a private parking slot marked free Sunday parking  visually, not photographically verified and attested by two trade witnesses who happened to be around, the day’s events took place and returning to an unticketed vehicle the journey home made.

Over a month later a letter was received by the keeper of the vehicle, who was not the driver at that time to inform them a previously issued ticket to the driver of the vehicle had not been responded to in the due time to afford a reduced payment opportunity and that now a payment of one hundred and forty five pounds sterling was due immediately or costs would accumulate on a daily basis after a brief payment window of fourteen days. It was stated if legal proceedings ensued all costs would be down to the keeper of the vehicle.

Knowing a fair bit about these highwaymen activities a rat was smelled after enquiries to the driver revealed no such ticket was found to be in existence and the previously stated parking allowable was in place. The driver was instructed to defend their position, in spite of a letter stating the possibility of challenging the decision had past its time to appeal.

A request was thus made to be furnished with photo evidence, (which legally must be supplied) showing the ticket on the vehicle as issued. Terms and conditions were also requested to back up claims that the parking spot was payable seven days a week.

A reply was shortly received, stating any further action was now on hold while the search for visual evidence was procured. Several weeks later a curt email was received to state the matter was now closed and no further action would be taken.

The highwaymen had been found out to have no legal legs to stand on, so failed with this alert victim to collect.

The moral here is that it is imperative for each and every one of us to challenge these and all sorts of authorities. There are wide boys out there ready and willing to rob all those too fearful or frightened to challenge. The legality used to hide behind can be as fragile as gossamer or invisible as a black hole!

What transpired is along the lines of this little trick. The firm was short on a target profit line and thus used CCTV evidence of cars in their area of interest to then find, through the DVLC (government car tax info source) the name and address of the keeper of the vehicle and send a specious request. It is certain their success rate works well as there are many more people unwilling or ill informed enough to just pay up, feel helpless to challenge ending up complying and paying.

This example of highway robbery is but one of many robberies perpetrated on each and every one of us daily, year in year out. Through taxes, spams, scams, dubious laws passed behind the curtain of transparency and so much more. How many British people do you know who would die rather than complain about a bad meal/rotten service in a restaurant? Too few – and that is exactly why and how we allow our government, corporations, companies and dodgy enterprises and individuals rip us off without ever questioning their right or legality.

Is it any wonder television shows exposing scammers, dodgy trades folk, con artists and their ilk are so prolific and popular. We are peasants always in the cross hairs of the shooting season of criminal chancers.

This small example of taking power back is but one. Its specifics are of a breed of criminality condoned yet not legislated against enough by vile elite robbers in league and also playing their own game on far greater scale than this particular instance.

The lesson to be learned is to be strong, without fear even when uncertain or unclear of your position. Do due diligence, always challenge and never accept No for an answer until it is absolutely proven against you.

Warriors arise and use your voices, your innate rights and your power to right wrongs, seek out and broadcast thievery, injustice and pillage. Only then will we see the turning tide on ethical, social, moral issues and justice whose absence plagues us so virulently today!

May People Suffer That Change Be Effected

To some what I am about to say will be taken as cruel, lacking in compassion, caring and insensitivity or yet another excuse for keeping truth, reality and evolution at bay. To those having witnessed suffering, seen through the lies and developed critical faculties they then live and develop by, it will be taken as common sense, appropriate and essential.

Suffering on a personal and collective scale is now essential, a prerequisite. It is the only medicine suitable to wake people from a sleep so deep and controlled that nothing other will enable awakening. Reasoning, discussion, persuasion and truth telling to the face or virtually have and continue, to a greater degree, to fall on deaf, dumb and blind somnolent souls. These are those so far ponerized, propagandised and placed into the torpor of belief that their controllers are still looking after their best interests, have the greater good at heart and all will work out well in the end if we just stay with it. These souls perpetuate a most destructive state of professional denial.

Those stuck and lost to the airy fairy land where they profess love will overcome all the ills in the world are equally delusional. For the most part this is the continuing bullshit fed us in the sixties, the summer of love and the mind programs built around and into these events. Again pre-emting nit pickers  challenging this statement I have always believed love and its right practice to be the greatest asset and solvent to ills. What I challenge here is the mindset appealing to meditate, stay outside the media controlling us and all will be well. Objectivity, critical thinking and an open mind yes but retreating into faux spirituality and easy to pronounce self interested be-gooding is rarely going to address anything other than the self inflation of egos, arrogance and misguided optimism of better.

Love is our greatest asset when used appropriately. It is the solvent allowing all things to move and have their best being, yet in itself it will not move mountains of evil, tripe and deceit. Positive thinking is ok in its place, however to think positive thinking and ignoring the negative is going to be the solution is typical of the misguided teachings of body mind gurus. All have to be accompanied with right action, proper practice, really walking the talk and the unassailable absence of denial on any level. Speaking, acting, investing in and practicing truth, answering to what our best being knows, is the only path for correction. This is concomitant with self education, developing awareness, critical thought and the utter absence of lying to oneself, kidding oneself our specialness makes us good and apart from the mass mess.

Suffering will and has always brought the individual and collective back on track, be it for a moment or for life change permanence. Suffering destroys the raging ego, the hubris of speciality, exceptionalism and every other crass usurpation of our innate humanity.

Today we are consumed in a boiling pot of such gross lies, deceit and evil intent lacking any moral compass that each of our lives appear hopeless with little ability for change. We are left stagnating, strangled and staunched. Most have become prisoners  to their self imposed and very limited mindset and allow themselves to be programmed on an altogether obscene level. Those who run with the status quo refusing to admit such programming consciously self delude or are content to remain plain ignorant of anything perpetrated on their lives, their families and their communities through whatever form of gizmo or trend. The reaction to anyone aware and truth telling is immediately flagged when such messengers become tagged as conspiracy theorists, that well worn, favoured call initiated by the CIA in the sixties to staunch questioning the propaganda and dissent. Anti-Semitism is of the same ilk, propagated by the Anglo Zionists who long ago entrapped the Jewish franchise to establish their perverse validity as they sear their foul, cruel and self obsessed psychopathy across the globe. That laws are now being considered and passed to make it a criminal offence to question the State of Israel shows clearly who runs the lunatic asylum.

To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” attrib: Voltaire

The preponderance for individuals to be goaded into self obsession through encouragement of choice, self expression and self obsession has enabled the psychopaths   in high office and infiltrated into all our lives, to cultivate such diverse groups of authoritarian followers as to blur the lines between right, wrong, morality and ethical practice. Confusion, distraction and dispensing of any natural discussion or argument has set each against the other in such a varied kaleidoscope of groups, labels and identifications as to keep people preoccupied forever. Orwell’s war is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength resonates deafeningly as we continue to ignore his prescient words and still believe our masters.

Sanity has left the corridors of power. The role and influence of common sense is now stigmatised as being akin to terrorism. A war on terrorism is that illogical, ephemeral project, waging permanent war on an idea. Fear is fed daily through all sorts of organs that for most unable to control or steer their critical faculties, end up giving in, giving up and colluding with the perpetrators of control. Silence becomes our enemy. Complicity the true evil.

Social media has been used as a tool to spread such madness at hyper speed. Discrimination, objectivity and the use of critical thinking allows the few (when set against the billions of us) to navigate with dextrous and swift speed through the morass that is today’s information age. Social media like any medium can be utilised for good, bad or indifference. Allowing the deception to be infused and used through its various portals is irresponsibility at its most terrifying.

For those lacking these skills suffering can only be the one thing  enabling the slightest potential for change. It is what becomes imperative when the eleventh hour and fifty ninth has passed.

When I say bring on the suffering I do so from a most compassionate, loving state of mind and caring for the human race. Be it natural phenomena, crass, irresponsible human behaviour or horrendous happenstance it matters not. Our collective amnesia, denial and arrogance is well overdue for reset.

Some will argue there is still time for things to correct themselves without suffering. I respond – that delusion is part of the very problem and has to be addressed. Of course such a deus ex machina or illusory hope will always be an unknown at this or any time, however  waiting for it to appear, be it second comings, alien saviours or any other hopeless wish fulfillments illustrate stagnation, denial and refusal of the highest order. Waking others continues to be always a necessary action, even though it has proven an almost fruitless task. I am not proposing doing nothing, no, do absolutely everything and more. Continue becoming informed, develop even greater critical faculties. Face and tackle the unknown and the known even if that means placing personal life at peril. Confront evil even as to closes us all down. Speak truth with every breath. Challenge the nay sayers, the conditioned authoritarian followers, the fantasists who place their faith in the unholy, the numinous and varied religious indoctrinations.

Faith is most definitely called for, yet it is a faith in the single power of change enabled only and exclusively with the awakening of each individual.  Suffering is what truly opens and readies us for transformation and evolution that goes way beyond simple token attempts, pretence and oppressed belief values.

I end quoting Christopher Fry in A Sleep of Prisoners. The reference to God here for me holds no religious connotation. It is the very substance we are all individually and collectively part of, made from and facilitate to experience this human moment. Until we can wrap that around our being suffering will exert its most precious influence on each and everyone of us to help us break our self created chains!

The human heart can go the lengths of God…
Dark and cold we may be, but this
Is no winter now. The frozen misery
Of centuries breaks, cracks, begins to move;
The thunder is the thunder of the floes,
The thaw, the flood, the upstart Spring.

Thank God our time is now when wrong
Comes up to face us everywhere,
Never to leave us till we take
The longest stride of soul we ever took.

Affairs are now soul size.
The enterprise
Is exploration into God.
Where are you making for? It takes
So many thousand years to wake,
But will you wake for pity’s sake!



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Capt AH Trapman
: aka Toto, was a real life journalist for The London Telegraph, author of several well received books include The Dog, Man’s Best Friend, The Greeks Triumphantand Straight Tips for Subs and co-founder/creator for the British Army, the Bicycle Battalions. As a researcher and investigative reporter he was responsible for uncovering hidden pathways to the Global Deep State following the global financial crash of 1929.

His work, essence and ongoing work has morphed into his grand nephew Jonathan L. Trapman, himself having traversed the portals of journalism and media. Presently using his pen as the sword to do battle with untruth, deception, distraction, division and psychopathy in power he continues the efforts Toto began.

All warriors for truth are by nature immortal thus all words penned never cease to carry the energetic influences expressed.