Memory – The Dark Art of Not Having One

Can you remember incidents in your childhood whose repercussions impacted the whole flow of your life from that moment on? Perhaps you are lucky and can. Perhaps some are even more fortunate and have learned to understand that a particular experience became so revelatory and profound as to offer an opportunity that changes a life irrevocably.

Personally, I shall reveal two of my own.

The first happened when I was nine. I was at preparatory school, boarding. Around my birthday my godfather, who happened to be one of the country’s top QCs sent me a fiver by post. I received it with joy knowing it took care of the ‘tuck and sweet’ provisions for that term. What I forgot to do was write him a thank you letter. Some weeks after an inquiry via my parents asking if I had received it OK an embarrassed child lied pretending it had never arrived. My godfather, astute and correct in all things needing clarity got the Post Office to investigate.

Of course it was soon clear I had fibbed. I was harshly scolded by my parents, ordered to write a delayed thank you note and from that moment forth I determined to be truthful in all things in as much as I could. The scars of shame I personally loaded on myself lasted many decades until such time I learned I could let go of stuff where lessons had been  learned and merely remained excess baggage.

The second incident involved following orders. In brief at school’s end at seventeen, we all were sent on a week’s cadet corps exercises on Dartmoor. One exercise involved groups of eight of us being sent on route marches across the moors with the task of mapping ourselves back to base. Myself and a fellow Band and Drums member of the Corps, a saxophonist had zero map reading skills or compass knowledge but were straight aces at reading scores.

On setting out to accomplish this day’s task our eight were deposited at a point we none of us knew, then let loose. The major problem became immediately apparent – we had been deposited in a pea souper Sherlock Holmes would have relished and the Hound of the Baskervilles cunningly hidden within. The other six decided to quit and return to base. We musicians decided to ‘carry out orders’ come hell or high water and set off blindly into said soup.

Long story short I ended up in a bog up to my neck with my compatriot, a quiet soul when not blasting the reed, standing over my pathetic and desperate figure. I cried out that this was the end and I might as well die here. I gave up big time. We were both wet, miserable and utterly lost on that moor. In a moment I will never forget this seemingly weak young lad, a Scot no less, grew metres in stature, bellowed from the very depths of his being – “Today you will not die, Jonathan you have a life ahead that others need!” With that he stepped forward, grabbed my fast disappearing arm and with the strength of Sampson pulled me from drowning. We wandered aimlessly in a rain sodden search for shelter as night drew in. We found a small wooden hide and remained there overnight. The next morning the helicopters and rescue party found us. We were summarily told off for disobeying orders, which we had not, incarcerated overnight and I for one forsook any love I might have had for the armed forces, for the injustice and lack of empathy I felt due to us both. I also took forward to this day a sworn oath to never give up, never stop until I succeeded and holding a deep respect for Nature and Her ability to deliver lessons to her weakling sprog, through means much greater than any of us can ever conceive.

Why do I relate these events?

Because today it seems we are populated with recent generations and others who have found it either impossible or inconvenient to remember the past. For those who were never around in centuries gone by and decades before it could be excusable however that can really not be our excuse. History, the true history, is a bellwether for us all to learn by.

We must learn these lessons so as to never to repeat them again” is always the hollow cry offered up by a media and thought police in full control mode. The powers that be today and always have never er been in the business for educating people, allowing them to comprehend and learn from the past let alone educate themselves. It has always been  the sop of pretend caring and learning, while dishing out a new and improved way to dull and eradicate our collective memories through ever increasing heinous means. If learning from past experiences meant anything we would not have the continual remembrances for the fallen, for wars and horrific events scattered over history, the constant Hollywood, TV and reverse reminding through mind control. As much as reminding ourselves of our prior criminal and bestial behaviours is important, the repetition by rote is far more an indoctrination creating victims and victim consciousness. The Jewish Holocaust is one such glaring example. There have been far worse holocausts, today and yesteryear yet we are indoctrinated and legally forced many places to hold this one event as the ‘one and only’ to remember and respect with zero enquiry. Through placing the Jewish experience at centre stage it forces through intimidation, lying and stigmatising that there is only one entity that suffers and they are the Jews. This particular example not only crucifies the Jewish identity and reality it more potently allows the Zionist manipulators to curry credence from a particular culture and faith that they have zero party to, But therein lies the control and the big lie.

They know well that knowledge is far more powerful than weapons. If in the Jewish Holocaust story we dig deeper and find some uncomfortable facts within the real story, it destroys the fabricated myth spun. Knowledge and true historical research gives many the tools to fight and overcome the controlling few. It will be found, in a just world and one that seeks growth over controlling the masses, that educating and informing  past errors, tragedies and inane stupidity of our forebears that a people learn to truly refuse to make the same mistakes and grow.

We do not live in a just world. We fantasise about our so called freedoms, we raise these puffball visions up as fact ignoring totally the suppression of freedom meted out on us all as progress and parity.

Neoliberalim, special interests touted as the downtrodden take real inequality, mix it with an absolute destroy it or death mentality and fuel instant outrage. Crises are manufactured to take away assets of being now contrary to control and submissive behaviour. Encouraged by the controllers, showering deep emotional division through media blasted ‘rights’ rants, divisive ‘them and us’ scenarios and fear based nonsense it suits and feeds their disorder ploys and chaos founded plans.

The absolutism riven through such movements as the LGBTQ movement, the hate promoters of whatever colour and variety, the anger sowers and social media protagonists for sodomy, sexual liberation, bat shit political ignorant stances and general chaos coordinators are and always have used, if we only saw it, these now well crafted means to dissemble, distract and dissuade opposition of meaning and legitimacy. The very entities persuading weak political puppets to legislate laws criminalising contrary opinions and thoughts of what did or did not transpire in the past or are presently presented, have been perfectly transparent methods used by every fascist and totalitarian regime in history.

Where we have no experiential memory and are sown historical lies and fantasies, sifted truth and untruth into the recipe for education and informational access, we have the fertile grounds for rewriting history. Where dissent is made illegal, where covert and overt means are created to mass stigmatise minorities who truth tell, we have the worst of human activity.

None of us living have ever experienced anything history tells us happened. We have hand me down subjective accounts from our parents, associates and grandparents’ times. Each of these as we know are subject to personal colouring, no matter how ethical or unethical. We have documents, images and writings where much is taken as fact, as much as much also is used specifically as propagandised mind control.

Unless we have minds able to use critical thought, proper research and ethical enquiry with as little interference from outside parties and emotional blackmail, we will always get what is commonly termed the Victors’ History, the same old perpetrations of lies, damn lies and statistics!

Cultivating generations devoid of these assets, reliant on third party, often virtual twisted resources, deliberately skewed accounts, descriptions, we end up with human beings devoid of everything needed to be a discriminating, knowledge seeking, enquiring and able to commit to discourse and conversation that could foster growth in mind and comprehension. The very Fake News as touted to exist in areas of dissent and difference is the very tool used to foster such nonsense.

We cannot at this stage go back in history to witness the truth of what went on. As and when we might be able even that can be tampered with, so becoming wise before these events would aid greatly. All we realistically have is the here and now, our own experiences present and past. Until we can look at these with clarity, honesty and a willingness to be open to change, I see no change except for the worsening.

Cognitive dissonance, refusal to budge, intransigence and simple bloody minded stupidity is not going to make the cut into a wiser and more aware world. Self knowledge is everything. Constant asking more questions with an honest desire to know more is an imperative.

Those organs and people who presently recognise these truths and practice them are the present day heretics. Remember as Voltaire is attributed to have said;

“To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

We must all, so many more than presently, become heretics, become the Outsiders. We must cultivate our own garden, as Voltaire’s Candide famously advised.

“He, Cunégonde, and his friends decide to follow it, and everyone is satisfied by hard work in the garden. Pangloss suggests to Candide once again that this is the best of things in all possible worlds. Candide responds, “That is very well put . . . but we must cultivate our own garden.”

What he means by this is we need to attend to our own improvement, our own development of an objective, truly clear mind and being before we can even begin to look to a better community and global mental and physical horticulture of feeding minds, bodies and spirit.

This path is the razor’s edge, the tricky and trickster filled avenue. It will signpost many redirections, many dead ends. Some good some bad and many terrible depending the choices we individually take. Yet journey’s end, which itself is a myth, is only visioned and set out when commitment is made to uphold the natural impulses we all have in common – compassion, tolerance, patience, empathy and loving kindness. When these are highlighted, actioned and utilised as the indivisible assets of our growth personal and collective, then we will remember so much more and grow magnificently.


About the author:
Jonathan Trapman, author, journalist and Outsider merely carries on the work of Toto Trapman, researcher, journalist and Public Enemy No 1. to the elite forces ranged against him for his research and uncoverings.

Dreams and Realities, the introductory true story volume of the 7 book The Freedom Cycle is the opener and reveal to much of the shenanigans alluded to here.

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Read more of my research and the story uncovering the mechanisms of global control in Dreams and Realities

Toto Trapman
: Journalist for The London Telegraph, author of several well received books include The Dog, Man’s Best Friend, The Greeks Triumphant and Straight Tips for Subs and co-founder/creator for the British Army, the Bicycle Battalions. As a researcher and investigative reporter and ex Secret Service operative,  he was responsible for uncovering hidden pathways to the Global Deep State following the global financial crash of 1929.

Outrage Has Left the Building – Will All Silent Compliants Left Say Yay!

We are battered on a daily, sometimes hourly basis with even greater, abhorrent distortions of our world. The number of horrific acts of human bestiality are programmed into our minds, solidified by repetition and forced on us to accept the truths that are and always have been lies.

In the Sixties marches would be mobilised, riots instigated and wars stopped because a feisty generation of open eyed, sometimes drugged fuelled, would see the reality so eagerly buried into propaganda of the cruellest sort. Spunk was then visible and active in the Revolution Generation. Other than right wing, totalitarian psychopaths would stand firm against the rubbish thrown at us. Sometimes deaths would occur fuelling even greater protest, sometimes peaceful protest would enlarge as a Summer spectacle of resistance.

All in all there was much action and protest. This was swiftly addressed through the introduction of the Peace Love and Transcendental Movement infiltrated and manipulated then silenced through drugs, summers of love, music manipulation deadening the impulse to revolt. The introduction of AIDS, diseases and cutting drugs with all sorts of deadly rubbish, the heroin trade, organised by the CIA, other obscure agencies and with Government approval began its money cultivating drug trade at full pelt.

These were the days before the Internet, before any real roll out of electro magnetic frequencies able to be fine tuned to dull minds, quieten protest and immobilise resistance. What was happening was a concerted effort through Psyops, regime manipulation, reorganisation of the communist world towards a far greater controlled element and outcome, all the while a shrinking mainstream media primed to pump out NLP saturated rubbish dressed as soap operas, Hollywood indoctrinated propaganda and the cry for individual freedom and voice, while maintaining total control.

As this false god was proclaimed, the two faced Janus of Said and Done progressed. The powers that  be continued their pillage and rape of what was becoming a shrinking world of diversity. The corporate machine began its inexorable global dominance, under the guise of riches and wealth for all. The Few worked harder and harder to prise distance between themselves and the Many. The Military Industrial Corporate Complex became, hydra like, so entwined into itself it spread its puss throughout all regional and global corridors.

Disdain, pernicious disregard for the people, the ordinary folk ramped up while dressed in a new technology that beautifully kept people distracted, seemingly kept them in touch with like minds yet rarely in reality. The virtual world would become the new battleground for warfare. Warfare of  and on the mind.

Over sixty odd years the landscape of control has made seismic changes. The offshoots of easier lives merely tinsel scattered on such an array of confusing contradictions as to send most people running for the shelter of their comfort zones and inaction on anything other than survival.

Compliance today has been almost totally successful. The introduction of the Internet, social media et al merely rubs even greater confusion and distraction on a gaping wound incapable of healing itself. This wound now openly  accepts and encourages infection through propagandised messages, the like news media would have killed for 70 years ago.

So where are the legions and generations of revolution, alternative views, challenging talking heads?

They are targeted as dissidents, national traitors, in bed with an enemy whose actions are displaying the bullshit, lies and deception of a system in moral, ethical and utter decline. They become the terror cell, the stigmatised loathing of all that is good. The reverse is the truth but heaven help any who point this out.

Outrage for its better part is left to others to voice. Fear of dissent and its ramifications have destroyed humanity to the extent of quisling and compliant silence. Parapets are rarely shown to reveal heads rising from them. When they do they are shot at, in one coordinated voice, from a mainstream whose sole purpose is to rubbish the dissent, alternate view and destroy it. Such channels that do appear become a lighthouse in a sea of polluted lies and propaganda yet they are branded foreign agents – the enemy.

The people of the Western world have forgotten the most powerful force in existence. One power so mighty as to be able to cause more destructive force than any nuclear element. This force is themselves, their voice, their collective endeavour, their No, not in our name!

Yet due to the insidious, perpetual degrading of the imperative to know thyself as espoused to all those visiting the Oracle at Delphi, true ancient wisdom, we are left with a major part of our population who would die rather than think for themselves.

2% of the population think

3% of the population think they think

95% of the population would rather die than think

Larry Wilson

Our cognitive processes have been left shattered, cognitive dissonance the defence of the ignorant. The desire to know who it is within operating our lives, our thinking, our individual emotional responses and our mental acuity to reason has all but been erased. The fear of discovering we have been living one huge lie is for many far too great an exposure to address, let alone change. Yet what we refuse to address within us merely manifests in our outer world exponentially to the number of self deniers and refusers to become self aware.

We may feel so self righteous stomping the keyboards and handhelds to broadcast our selfish selves on social media. We may feel our indignation spread virtually is enough to change the world. The delusion of these thoughts is the very disease killing us.

It never was and will never be. That lie if believed will contain us nicely as prisoners in our own mindset for eternity. The Powers the Be will rub their hands in glee, set off more wars, bombs, fake false flags and continue to distract even more from the reality and proudly know they are succeeding.

Yet among all this are seeds and fertile growth of realisation  these travesties foisted and perpetrated on us all are delusion and the real enemy. The recognition of transparent deceit writ even larger by arrogance, self interest and belief their deception will win is being outed as surely as the Emperor’s new clothes were.

Evil and falsehood have never won. Truth, justice and right always, eventually trump these falsehoods – it is a matter of numbers and an awakening to reality that is our collective birthright.

As the evolutionary clock slips into the second before midnight are we filled with enough  humanity to face down the forces set to destroy us all?

Here is hoping!