Memory – The Dark Art of Not Having One

Can you remember incidents in your childhood whose repercussions impacted the whole flow of your life from that moment on? Perhaps you are lucky and can. Perhaps some are even more fortunate and have learned to understand that a particular experience became so revelatory and profound as to offer an opportunity that changes a life irrevocably.

Personally, I shall reveal two of my own.

The first happened when I was nine. I was at preparatory school, boarding. Around my birthday my godfather, who happened to be one of the country’s top QCs sent me a fiver by post. I received it with joy knowing it took care of the ‘tuck and sweet’ provisions for that term. What I forgot to do was write him a thank you letter. Some weeks after an inquiry via my parents asking if I had received it OK an embarrassed child lied pretending it had never arrived. My godfather, astute and correct in all things needing clarity got the Post Office to investigate.

Of course it was soon clear I had fibbed. I was harshly scolded by my parents, ordered to write a delayed thank you note and from that moment forth I determined to be truthful in all things in as much as I could. The scars of shame I personally loaded on myself lasted many decades until such time I learned I could let go of stuff where lessons had been  learned and merely remained excess baggage.

The second incident involved following orders. In brief at school’s end at seventeen, we all were sent on a week’s cadet corps exercises on Dartmoor. One exercise involved groups of eight of us being sent on route marches across the moors with the task of mapping ourselves back to base. Myself and a fellow Band and Drums member of the Corps, a saxophonist had zero map reading skills or compass knowledge but were straight aces at reading scores.

On setting out to accomplish this day’s task our eight were deposited at a point we none of us knew, then let loose. The major problem became immediately apparent – we had been deposited in a pea souper Sherlock Holmes would have relished and the Hound of the Baskervilles cunningly hidden within. The other six decided to quit and return to base. We musicians decided to ‘carry out orders’ come hell or high water and set off blindly into said soup.

Long story short I ended up in a bog up to my neck with my compatriot, a quiet soul when not blasting the reed, standing over my pathetic and desperate figure. I cried out that this was the end and I might as well die here. I gave up big time. We were both wet, miserable and utterly lost on that moor. In a moment I will never forget this seemingly weak young lad, a Scot no less, grew metres in stature, bellowed from the very depths of his being – “Today you will not die, Jonathan you have a life ahead that others need!” With that he stepped forward, grabbed my fast disappearing arm and with the strength of Sampson pulled me from drowning. We wandered aimlessly in a rain sodden search for shelter as night drew in. We found a small wooden hide and remained there overnight. The next morning the helicopters and rescue party found us. We were summarily told off for disobeying orders, which we had not, incarcerated overnight and I for one forsook any love I might have had for the armed forces, for the injustice and lack of empathy I felt due to us both. I also took forward to this day a sworn oath to never give up, never stop until I succeeded and holding a deep respect for Nature and Her ability to deliver lessons to her weakling sprog, through means much greater than any of us can ever conceive.

Why do I relate these events?

Because today it seems we are populated with recent generations and others who have found it either impossible or inconvenient to remember the past. For those who were never around in centuries gone by and decades before it could be excusable however that can really not be our excuse. History, the true history, is a bellwether for us all to learn by.

We must learn these lessons so as to never to repeat them again” is always the hollow cry offered up by a media and thought police in full control mode. The powers that be today and always have never er been in the business for educating people, allowing them to comprehend and learn from the past let alone educate themselves. It has always been  the sop of pretend caring and learning, while dishing out a new and improved way to dull and eradicate our collective memories through ever increasing heinous means. If learning from past experiences meant anything we would not have the continual remembrances for the fallen, for wars and horrific events scattered over history, the constant Hollywood, TV and reverse reminding through mind control. As much as reminding ourselves of our prior criminal and bestial behaviours is important, the repetition by rote is far more an indoctrination creating victims and victim consciousness. The Jewish Holocaust is one such glaring example. There have been far worse holocausts, today and yesteryear yet we are indoctrinated and legally forced many places to hold this one event as the ‘one and only’ to remember and respect with zero enquiry. Through placing the Jewish experience at centre stage it forces through intimidation, lying and stigmatising that there is only one entity that suffers and they are the Jews. This particular example not only crucifies the Jewish identity and reality it more potently allows the Zionist manipulators to curry credence from a particular culture and faith that they have zero party to, But therein lies the control and the big lie.

They know well that knowledge is far more powerful than weapons. If in the Jewish Holocaust story we dig deeper and find some uncomfortable facts within the real story, it destroys the fabricated myth spun. Knowledge and true historical research gives many the tools to fight and overcome the controlling few. It will be found, in a just world and one that seeks growth over controlling the masses, that educating and informing  past errors, tragedies and inane stupidity of our forebears that a people learn to truly refuse to make the same mistakes and grow.

We do not live in a just world. We fantasise about our so called freedoms, we raise these puffball visions up as fact ignoring totally the suppression of freedom meted out on us all as progress and parity.

Neoliberalim, special interests touted as the downtrodden take real inequality, mix it with an absolute destroy it or death mentality and fuel instant outrage. Crises are manufactured to take away assets of being now contrary to control and submissive behaviour. Encouraged by the controllers, showering deep emotional division through media blasted ‘rights’ rants, divisive ‘them and us’ scenarios and fear based nonsense it suits and feeds their disorder ploys and chaos founded plans.

The absolutism riven through such movements as the LGBTQ movement, the hate promoters of whatever colour and variety, the anger sowers and social media protagonists for sodomy, sexual liberation, bat shit political ignorant stances and general chaos coordinators are and always have used, if we only saw it, these now well crafted means to dissemble, distract and dissuade opposition of meaning and legitimacy. The very entities persuading weak political puppets to legislate laws criminalising contrary opinions and thoughts of what did or did not transpire in the past or are presently presented, have been perfectly transparent methods used by every fascist and totalitarian regime in history.

Where we have no experiential memory and are sown historical lies and fantasies, sifted truth and untruth into the recipe for education and informational access, we have the fertile grounds for rewriting history. Where dissent is made illegal, where covert and overt means are created to mass stigmatise minorities who truth tell, we have the worst of human activity.

None of us living have ever experienced anything history tells us happened. We have hand me down subjective accounts from our parents, associates and grandparents’ times. Each of these as we know are subject to personal colouring, no matter how ethical or unethical. We have documents, images and writings where much is taken as fact, as much as much also is used specifically as propagandised mind control.

Unless we have minds able to use critical thought, proper research and ethical enquiry with as little interference from outside parties and emotional blackmail, we will always get what is commonly termed the Victors’ History, the same old perpetrations of lies, damn lies and statistics!

Cultivating generations devoid of these assets, reliant on third party, often virtual twisted resources, deliberately skewed accounts, descriptions, we end up with human beings devoid of everything needed to be a discriminating, knowledge seeking, enquiring and able to commit to discourse and conversation that could foster growth in mind and comprehension. The very Fake News as touted to exist in areas of dissent and difference is the very tool used to foster such nonsense.

We cannot at this stage go back in history to witness the truth of what went on. As and when we might be able even that can be tampered with, so becoming wise before these events would aid greatly. All we realistically have is the here and now, our own experiences present and past. Until we can look at these with clarity, honesty and a willingness to be open to change, I see no change except for the worsening.

Cognitive dissonance, refusal to budge, intransigence and simple bloody minded stupidity is not going to make the cut into a wiser and more aware world. Self knowledge is everything. Constant asking more questions with an honest desire to know more is an imperative.

Those organs and people who presently recognise these truths and practice them are the present day heretics. Remember as Voltaire is attributed to have said;

“To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

We must all, so many more than presently, become heretics, become the Outsiders. We must cultivate our own garden, as Voltaire’s Candide famously advised.

“He, Cunégonde, and his friends decide to follow it, and everyone is satisfied by hard work in the garden. Pangloss suggests to Candide once again that this is the best of things in all possible worlds. Candide responds, “That is very well put . . . but we must cultivate our own garden.”

What he means by this is we need to attend to our own improvement, our own development of an objective, truly clear mind and being before we can even begin to look to a better community and global mental and physical horticulture of feeding minds, bodies and spirit.

This path is the razor’s edge, the tricky and trickster filled avenue. It will signpost many redirections, many dead ends. Some good some bad and many terrible depending the choices we individually take. Yet journey’s end, which itself is a myth, is only visioned and set out when commitment is made to uphold the natural impulses we all have in common – compassion, tolerance, patience, empathy and loving kindness. When these are highlighted, actioned and utilised as the indivisible assets of our growth personal and collective, then we will remember so much more and grow magnificently.


About the author:
Jonathan Trapman, author, journalist and Outsider merely carries on the work of Toto Trapman, researcher, journalist and Public Enemy No 1. to the elite forces ranged against him for his research and uncoverings.

Dreams and Realities, the introductory true story volume of the 7 book The Freedom Cycle is the opener and reveal to much of the shenanigans alluded to here.

Would you like to be a character in the next volume, Angel of Redemption?
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Read more of my research and the story uncovering the mechanisms of global control in Dreams and Realities

Toto Trapman
: Journalist for The London Telegraph, author of several well received books include The Dog, Man’s Best Friend, The Greeks Triumphant and Straight Tips for Subs and co-founder/creator for the British Army, the Bicycle Battalions. As a researcher and investigative reporter and ex Secret Service operative,  he was responsible for uncovering hidden pathways to the Global Deep State following the global financial crash of 1929.

When the Defunct Farts Just Before Dawn

As a fit for purpose organisation NATOthe North Atlantic Treaty Organisation – is a busted flush. Yet over its decaying years it has been reanimated as the buffer, threat, offensive weapon or crude slot machine for profit (choose your definition) for the Master Shit Stirrers behind it all.

Today Russia, China, Iran and several other enlightened players on the global stage have proven another way is possible. Empires come and go and the US Empire is by no means an exception to that no matter how exceptional they are told they are.

A multipolar world is the reality humanity will always thrive under. One world respecting each others’ differences, beauty, cultures and creative drives and input. A collective global family celebrating its multifaceted differences.

Some might argue while we have secret and not so secret cabals running the circus these aspirations will always remain dreams yet never form a true and trusted reality.

Others will argue this sort of defeatism is the very reason for their continued existence.

So which direction are we best heading? Is being right the next best thing or does pragmatism play the devil’s advocate and guide a slow but sure process out of the morass we have willingly duped ourselves into?

Because truth be told we will ourselves the same old, same old every time we argue, pick our petty battles against those as ignorant as us as we pretend full spectrum knowledge of the whys, wherefores and answers.

Yet all the time most seem incapable of recognising when they are played rotten to a tune that the ‘haves‘ have held in their sway for millennia. The only difference today are the tools of massive manipulation they play with, while at the same time offering us a part just as the bread and circuses did in Roman times and beyond. They cosy us with assumed personal power and choice when all the time these chimera are merely sops offered like vinegar to the gladiators of the ancient arenas, to quench our thirst for truth righteousness and fair play.

NATO, its bombast, its chest beating dragon of paper and vast expense is just yet one more example today of the repulsive waste and deception played. Each vassal state, for that is what they all are, is asked to divvy up more money while the Pentagon on its stringent budgeting spends $1.2 K on each coffee cup and $10K per toilet seat in its drive to create austerity in its multi trillion spending account. It is eye wateringly un-effing-believable, yet we meekly let these horrors float by like untouchable turds in an open sewer.

We meekly blink and wonder how we allowed ourselves to vote in the Tories, the latest coloured One Party USA or allow the unelected detritus that is the EU walk all over us with feet steeped in the poo of power.

The Hail Mary glory of social media both sanitises, supposedly morphs into a Fake News Controlled environment  as well as supplies enough distractions to zombie idiots who play their ‘turn-your-head-away‘ games to make us forget the travesties they ply. The media mainstream pretends to us they are the caring, investigative arm of our power while all the time programming the weak minds into candy floss comfort zones of acceptance of their kindness that kills.

I could now open up the illegal wars account but its already high summer, the silly season is nigh upon us and we are gearing up  for the next atrocious attrition foisted on our addled minds. Way to go August, what trivial bestiality are you about to surprise us with? New Novichok High grade potent poo? Worse organised propagandised terror absurdities to make us all hate and fear the fake terror we are told?

Ready and willing to believe the effluent they will be pouring out, we shall bury our heads in our hands, wring them white and tell ourselves “How terrible!, how terrible”. Yet will we do anything other than what good law abiding slaves have done over eons? The answer will be blindingly obvious:


So keep to the safety of the cave and the cinema playing on the wall as our suggested reality while the few of us who could not care one fig for falsehoods have stood up long ago, turned to the light and exited shouting “Enough, you atrocious Beasts of Evil Incarnate”  exposing as best we can the lies, deceit and pure evil foisted on the rest.

The Outsiders have had enough. We have fought for right, justice and the way of true humanity for millennia. No matter how many of us die in the line of duty it will go on and on.

Nature has a glorious way of keeping us together and joining rightful rebellion. Putting Her 10 million cents in by way of natural readjustment, She is our vanguard in spite of Global Warming lies and deception that will never admit Her Universal change plan is the major player as we humans flies piss and poo on our earthly paradise. We shall not await that alone because we are so much a part of Her it is our responsibility to respect Her way, Her interdependency and our utter responsibility to Her and our bejewelled blue marble.

As for NATO, it can go the way of all defunct models – To the scrapheap, farting or not, it matters not!


About the author:
Jonathan Trapman, author, journalist and Outsider merely carries on the work of Toto Trapman, researcher, journalist and Public Enemy No 1. to the elite forces ranged against him for his research

Dreams and Realities, the introductory true story volume of the 7 book The Freedom Cycle is the opener and revealer to much of the shennanigans alluded to here.


Read more of my research and the story uncovering the mechanisms of global control in Dreams and Realities

Toto Trapman
: Journalist for The London Telegraph, author of several well received books include The Dog, Man’s Best Friend, The Greeks Triumphant and Straight Tips for Subs and co-founder/creator for the British Army, the Bicycle Battalions. As a researcher and investigative reporter and ex Secret Service operative,  he was responsible for uncovering hidden pathways to the Global Deep State following the global financial crash of 1929.

Churchill Created Genocide But May Is Paving The Way For Dictatorship

When I met Churchill at his country home, Chartwell during his rest from politics in the early thirties I witnessed facing a personality never truly divulged by press and media of the day. His response, in the fashion of one journalist to another was frighteningly prescient:churchill-genocide

“The pen’s essential yet where we find in our territories a strong aboriginal propensity to kill, our faith must always exert a modifying influence, protect them from their more violent forms of fanatical fever and where necessary exterminate such brutish behavior,”

The arrogance shown in this remark ought to have been a red flag in anyone’s book, when viewed from the perspective of how millions were dispensed and treated in the years to follow, its echoes of chagrin deepen and expand. Even his sharing of stories from the days of  Boer conflicts onward, along with my personal experiences with the man, it was plain to any man of conscience here was arrogance and self righteousness so far beyond the scales of propriety, sage leadership and integrity.

It was amply apparent his projection onto a suitable enemy or vulnerable target was the age old blame it on the foe so that the mirror of responsibility and truth never reflected back on its true perpetrators.

As I glance into the 21st century, it seems things have not got any better. In fact they have hardened to a solid form of acceptability. The media happy and compliant to condone, force feed and propagandize through greater and greater mind controlling of a population, distracted by fluff and technology so as to not see clearly the very dangerous and terminal game played out on them at their eventual expense.

This week in 2017, Theresa May, the bastard spawn of Conservative Control and elite manipulation has, with the help of her pliant press and Zionist master planners, opted to call an early General Election.

With her silent helpers within the ranks of a Labour Party riven by dissent, revolution and deceitful self immolation we stand on the cusp of giving these people a swingeing majority with which to implement a plan of such draconian measures as to eclipse the Nazi horrors, Chilean dictators, Saudi royal capers and any other tinpot dictatorship you might recall. Under the guise of “all in it together for the best in all possible worlds” we will be dragged into a nightmare of our own making and compliant agreement.

Silence has always been the enemy of truth and righteousness. It has been the preferred leonardo-da-vinci-silenceweapon used most successfully, through either propaganda, misdirection or misinformation down the ages. Our problem today is that these means, fed into a compliant and sycophantic media then passed through the filter of Internet technology, spreads this disease like the worst virus going.

With people, the majority of whom have been foisted out of personal responsibility, individual, rational and critical assessment, we face a situation where many will just throw their hands in the air, fail to see any way out or through and either absent themselves from the very process of change or go for the option they deduce as the easy and comfortable one for them personally.

When I was stationed in India in the very early 1900s I was confronted with learning karmadeadlineabout the Indian view and take on karma. This being the understanding that actions have reactions, you reap what you sow and is more absolute and immovable than mountains themselves. Responsibility not taken has consequences. These consequences can and inevitably do have repercussions way beyond personal boundaries. The ignorance of this fact alone would, if fully realised,  shock many to take back responsibility immediately. So many times across generations it has been illustrated. When the question is asked after some catastrophe or accident – “Why did this happen and why was it deserved?” – no one applies the law of karma to such things. It is as if they have been made impervious to such absolutes. At least many take the soft excuse – ‘God willed it!’ – O, the ignorance and abdication of such responses.

We are all interconnected so intrinsically that if we truly understood this truth, we would instantly endeavour to correct and reapply our self. Yet the brutish behavior, as Churchill referred to and our so-called developed nations mindset we so like to adopt and feel kin to, is anything but intelligent, sanguine, just and right, save to those describing it thus.

So it is beyond irony that a man placed as a saving figurehead of freedom, values and a democratic ideals not only spawned and encouraged a slow burning fuse for what exists today but its incarnation as presented by the British institutional system has nothing resembling freedom and democracy and everything horrendous heralding a dictatorial state, governed as ever by the non-elected few directing all, behind the charade of elected houses, free and fair elections and the pompous panoply  passing ridiculously for democratic process and royal assent.

img-thingWe can look at this as a peculiarly British situation, yet that would ignore all the other situations perpetrated exposing this virus as global menace. The Middle East, Far East Africa, the list is endless. Soothed by the entertainment (or should that be containment) industry spewing out films and propaganda showing the usual suspects of bad guys ruining our lives and our people storming their fabricated battlements to win, develops a myopic, specious sense of superiority while controlling the senses of everyone who can and must be controlled.

For those fully aware of this problem, and I call these people The Outsiders, I am preaching to the choir. In my own way I took the particularly lonely road of facing off this threat by becoming Public Enemy #1 to the Powers that Were (and still are) in my day and became a marked man to boot. Today it seems a massive movement of dissent and non compliance is called for. A creative way in this particular election in the UK is to gang up against this behemoth of bestiality as did David against the apocryphal Goliath and fling that stone to cast out the Eye of Evil intending to corral, capture and destroy for good the last vestiges of sanity, freedom and truth.

It is a really tough and huge call. It requires a massive induction of education, a fast lane that defies perhaps even the laws of physics itself. But action needs to be now more than ever. Exposing the evil plan, shaming it in as fluent and creative way as possible, circumventing the mainstream media who will refuse, as always to entertain any divergence from their ordered path, is a huge ask, yet this is the imperative.

if-you-are-neutralOne thing we British have been proud of and excelled in for many decades is the art of creative action, thinking and production. Setting aside petty differences, leaving squabbling to the childish politicos, ridding ourselves of the division the powers so wish us to continue,  cohesion is needed as never before. If these words can help join joint purpose then they have started a movement so essential and swiftly necessary. Spreading this message is the start for each of us.

If not the violence and retribution Karma will rain down upon our collective heads will not only be terminal but justly deserved without exception. Pray there are enough of us, not only in this country, but worldwide to change the disastrous course these psychopathic victors have decided history will take under their demonic control.

Read more of my research and the story of uncovering the mechanisms of global control in Dreams and Realities

Capt AH Trapman
: aka Toto, has been a journalist for The London Telegraph, author of several well received books include The Dog, Man’s Best Friend, The Greeks Triumphant and Straight Tips for Subs and co-founder/creator for the British Army, the Bicycle Battalions. As a researcher and investigative reporter he was responsible for uncovering hidden pathways to the Global Deep State following the global financial crash of 1929.












Same Old, Same Old The Treachery of the Powerful

It’s well known that as a revolutionary and researcher after truth I have certainly had my run-ins with the authorities, the plutocrats and the power brokers of my day. As a prior innocent who was brought up to believe our rulers are here to look after our best interests and serve us as such, reality was to come as a rude awakening.

Yet in retrospect the severity and rudeness of such an awakening is concomitant to the revelation of truths as they expose themselves and register real intent.

Look, a little about myself. It helps to bring a perspective and hopefully insight into where I come from, what drove me to make decisions I made and why today I stand truly at a point where the only thing relevant is the truth.

Of course I hear some say, truth is relative. Yes it is, yet there are truths defining our very nature and  humanity which, when trampled upon, demand righteous anger, indignation and a call to action to question such travesties then break loose all hell in pursuit of righting wrongful treatment of subjects royal (the citizens) bringing to justice, once re-established, the perpetrators of such criminal acts against the people.

When in 1776 the Declaration of Independence was declared and signed by many of the States of the newly founded republic, it caused grievous complaint and the raising of forces against such movement as to stimulate the War of Independence. That things had been brewing and friction engaged is fact. My forebears, a founding family of the Carolinas, were all for the revolutionary acts perpetrated by the revolutionaries. Although British by genealogy, their hearts were all for the birth of a great new idea.

It was when General George Washington and his beleaguered forces got holed up over the winter of 1777 at Valley Forge, my forebear John Moore donated 14,000 pounds in gold towards the survival of a dream. A huge sum then and a fortune now in debt to be repaid at 6% per annum. That is another part of the story – The reality of such generosity is what we are experiencing today – a nation once birthed in good intentions now making its way as the empire of hegemonic psychopathic force intent on bending the world to its whip.


Empire disguised as Benign Power

It is of course where this reality once a dream has fallen to. Fallen not only foul of original intention but has birthed and bred a travesty parading itself as “Freedom and Democracy’. How a republic feels it can strut its right to a democracy is merely one single point of the lie foisted on a world, still somehow beholden to this chimera of freedom.
As a journalist, to be precise a war correspondent, I have witnessed my fair share of travesty, terror and outright genocidal slaughter paraded as rightful cause. Yet as my eyes were opened, through diligent research and constant questioning I stand here today and openly admit my shame at being not only British but having been party and witness to unspeakable and unreported crimes committed in the name of freedom and democracy. These crimes having being made not only by Americans but British, Turks, Europeans and others. That I stand now as an independent witness and let’s face it, whistle-blower to unspeakable actions on behalf of the rich and powerful is not a position I hold with any sort of pride.
My family on my father’s side comes from a long line of diplomats, spies, double dealers and intrepid explorers after hope, evolution and truth. Certainly a mixed bag of credentials for one of theirs to face the true enemy of humanity. Furthermore having been roped in and used by the very forces and powers I now expose and face full on, it begets a mighty task. However out of the womb of unrighteousness can be born the seeds of justice.

To have witnessed personally the activities of those bringing us the Crash of 1929 and subsequent rise of criminal banking cartels alongside nefarious plans for sowing war upon war upon war, it is not a happy lot, yet it is these very acts of witness allowing me to continue this work, enlighten those wishing to be enlightened and to fight against all travesties.


My personal honors and short lived glory are few. Having, in the days when I looked to the British Empire as the great and good it portrayed itself, my youthful exuberance flung me willingly into the ranks of the British Army. It was here I helped create the single biggest battalion ever in the history of that army – The Bicycle Battalions. With my pedigree and useful endeavors a nascent British Intelligence agency separated me out as useful for their purposes. Again in the day it was deemed honorable to be asked and serve one’s country in these shadowy ways. It also attracted a lot of well educated chancers who saw the swash and buckle as impressive when dating women. Yes the naivety of those illustrious ‘cloak and dagger‘ agents was the almost immediate undoing of the Service.

Much of the rest of my former life is a parody to failure, except the posthumous success of one of my several books, The Dog which come to think of it did not transpire in my life! – anyways –  my life as lived was far more an experiential rocky road than Yellow Brick. Even that took on an edge early when a chance meeting in my teens with Frank Baum of Wiz of Oz fame, in America had him steal my family nickname, Toto, for future literary purposes. But I digress.

It is the uncovering of those vile bankers, the money men and putrid rivers of money followed to their source that has presently landed me as Public Enemy No1, a hunted truth seeker with help from groups of others, let us call them Outsiders, set upon exposing the rotten core of what has become the main cog driving the madness that is our world today.

Be it Rockefeller, Rothschild, Kuhn Loeb, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, The Federal Reserve or Bank of England, Rome Frankfurt, London or New York the control by the few of the many, the enslavement of populations, exploitation and murder of countless millions is a story now so deep, so terrifying that to even question its veracity is to be criminalized, ostracized and called traitor.

So with all the tools I have been gifted by those that have come after me I declare my intention to expose through formidable research and credited abilities these facts. Whilst mortal I merely scratched the surface and began to uncover, however around me I look and see many hundreds if not millions of Outsiders working hard today to disseminate truth and hidden history.

Technology seems to have out-ridden the newspapers and radio broadcasts of my day. That I worked with and was then royally screwed over by such an esteemed title as The New York Times, looks in retrospect like the burgeoning practice of one organ, among many now utterly sold out and used by the very powers’ actions I had started to uncover.

Same old, same old! is it not?

As my life long friend and fellow renegade, Nikola Tesla, told me once, referring to the media:Nikola-Tesla-hero-631.jpg__800x600_q85_crop
They’re all sluts to the whores of banking and wealth… ” and further observed about those that rule us:
“What briefly passed as governance has become a tool with which the plutocrats play us all”

Having gone through the mill and now able to operate on the other side I can say with absolute certainty that to right these wrongs, to fight this insidious enemy we need to band together, operate as the many parts of the one and withdraw our cooperation with a system sick to the core. That may feel like exposing us naked and vulnerable, yet armed with truth, integrity and the will to overcome, we ourselves become the true power and dominion in this world.

The question to ask is “Do I have the requisite courage to stand and declare my truth?

Read more of my research and the story of uncovering the mechanisms of global control in Dreams and Realities

Capt AH Trapman
: aka Toto, has been a journalist for The London Telegraph, author of several well received books include The Dog, Man’s Best FriendThe Greeks Triumphant and Straight Tips for Subs and co-founder/creator for the British Army, the Bicycle Battalions. As a researcher and investigative reporter he was responsible for uncovering hidden pathways to the Global Deep State following the global financial crash of 1929.