Up Your Self Created Sh*t Creek

The Plan was simple laid out in front of the very select elite invited to be party to the Grand Plan. A gentle decades long transition towards a Unipolar, Total Control of a world according to psychopaths and madmen. Within their bubble it was eminently feasible as well as plausible. Working through stratagems, planned events, wars and disasters various, would always arrive at the goal.

If, God forbid all went arse up boltholes developed were on standby, safety assured and to hell with the fallout for the general public. This was most certainly a game plan holding every conceivable upside. Hiccups were costed merely for insurance purposes, catered for with odd rebellious groups, if not harnessed then brought over,and easily neutralized. Larger body counts were acceptable on the map of intended consequences.

What most definitely were not conceived were pesky unintended consequences. You see, when arrogance and operation from self made bubbles become the glue holding a plan together, why any need to consider the unintended. It can always be bought off, rubbed out or otherwise liquidated.

Such operations hitting head on reality in a world, albeit as controlled as it is, inevitably suffers the hubris of blind belief and repercussions of natural order.

Around the world we witness the constant playing out of such moments. The Empire of Present Moment, the corporate US DC, UK’s City of London and Vatican puppets fronting an illusory yet simultaneously real monster – the Power of Money.

Since this monster can so easily be formulated to become absolute necessity at the same time as strutting its absolute demagoguery, in the hands of the magic money machine operators it can be  formulated brilliantly to take on any shape, form or potency desired. Mass media, the front line controller of minds spin distraction after distraction to cover the magic performed.

We are informed there’s too much debt, we’re coerced into plagues of austerity, lack and suffering. To make the trick look warm and homely we’re asked to treat this National Deception as if its twin was our own household balancing budget. We are persuaded thus to believe debt created out of nothing is our responsibility and worthy of our collective guilt trip and subsequent pain.

When those sensing then exposing this huge con trick begin to dig into the debt/credit three card trick then such exposure of accumulated lies fed ongoing generations are labeled using the usual demonizing epithet – Conspiracy Theorists. That is supposed to stop any revolutionary thinking dead! Trouble is it never does, the lies can never be so easily contained.

But until each and every one of us stop and truly question what the heck all this so called debt is and where it comes from, we can never break their magic trick. Many assure themselves we have to pay, we have to reduce our debt and we have to remain in a system as old as money itself. The so called experts assure us the banks lend certain accumulative equations of any money deposited – usually for every £1 they can lend 9 extra pounds. Even this is utter BS and old wives’ tales fed by Threadneedle Street and its ilk!

To exaggerate and interestingly expose these lies recently we have seen the Tories in the UK produce from the Magic Money Tree a billion and half pounds to retain their ticket of governance. In the US we see so many trillions of dollars oiling the military industrial machine with losses of trillions into black holes, unaccounted, seeming to pass muster of the kind – “Oops, now I did not see that going, let alone coming!” Figures too eye watering and large for the general Mom and Pop to even envisage. But then that is the whole object of such sleight of hand.

Money is no more than a belief system. The longer we believe in it as solid, actual and real it will reign its tyranny over us.

Ask the question – Who creates the money?

It has never been an organic produce. It is a fictional transaction tool created by the Money Men and distributed through a population educated to accept it has worth as transactional meaningfulness. Such worth through manipulated debt and credit, the infamous double entry bookkeeping system of accountability is controlled by proclamation from said Money Men.

Some may rail against them, dressed in whatever garb – Rothschild, oligarchs, secret societies, cabals, elite trillionaire/billionaire individuals or Central Banks. These same selected bad guys become the butt of collective anger, yet this in itself never solves or evolves the problem, does it? Just keeps us all envious, mad, jealous and very, very angry. In that place we are contained and targeted. Because we never decide to leave the system, for fear of our ongoing survival we create our own Sh*t Creek without paddle.

Previously when the whole magic has lost its shine and viability, war was created. Contrary to nit picking all wars are the solution to clearing the stables of too much clogging dung. Human cost, collateral damage, was never a factor in the prosecuting this solution. The fact is, no matter how much so called money (fiat) is needed, it magically reappears once hostilities are resolved (call that ordered to stop), economies through austerity and managed growth feeding infrastructural revival, set in motion a reinvigorated process. Like Spring, new buds form, dreams of better years ahead are envisioned and hope renewed through use of the old leather.

Of course it would be remiss to not point out the elite sector always gains from such motion. They set it up that way. Wars never change that paradigm, merely enable its rebirth. The sectors growing fat off such actions can be predicted as night follows day. Largesse is spread specifically through a very conscious filter system. Trickle becomes merely the panacea promoted as reason for the rich to get richer. No dispute otherwise the system will fail again

I am no economist, I have to admit yet I see transparently the lie foisted on the multitude. The difference is I do not buy into it on any level.

What most interests me is seeking solutions. These solutions are found in breaking fully a broke system, refashioning it not in the described way sold as democratic, nor in any communistic form. It must entail redistribution of what is laughingly called wealth. To redistribute needs comprehensive understanding of what it is in all its constituent parts. The money side is merely a small part of that. Wealth as we are so often told resides most importantly in our own body. I would add most specifically also in our mind.

As with sickness, the cure must include a change of mindset. When the Jesuits proclaimed “Give me a child for its first seven years and we have it for life” they knew how once indoctrinated an individual is under sway until broken out of their possession to order, direct and control.

Having been so deeply inculcated believing money is the fuel driving our success or failure only an evolution in thinking towards a more liberating life view and interaction will clear this fog.

“When we don’t understand a process we fall into magical thinking about results” – Jef Raskin

Economics is for most a dry and boring subject. Finances are mostly viewed in this light – “Have I got enough to pay the rent, feed the family and live long enough to repeat that pattern endlessly till the day I die?”

Joy, delight, the lightness of being, love, friendship and caring are felt to be ill afforded attention unless we have these basics met. Yet the constant supply and deny baiting rarely affords physical change. What does create it is a change of mindset. For the lucky ones who have hit rock bottom and decided/are forced to change approach from thereon in, subsequently rearrange and discover their personal value systems and their right order. When that happens an altogether new horizon starts to form. For those treading the same old path nothing changes  often ushering in depression, anxiety and finally suicide.

Imagine, if money can so easily be found to finance wars, endless divisive defense and offense machinations, the funding of division among people  aiding multiple distractions, then why cannot the financial monster be tamed, funding basic levels of equality for each and every one without the necessity for belligerence?

It would mean taking the 1% out of top slot, right? Demanding the financial sectors be slimmed and trimmed to service, not control the whole, which presently is the norm. Have our governments create and use money for infrastructure, social good, basic healthy lives supporting a desire to pursue passion and creative endeavor for the individual as part of the whole.

Rather than exhaustively blaming this faction or that, pointing out the bloody obvious of who holds the purse strings and cussing them, why not enact a path of solutions where it has the greatest effect – in personal action and responsibility, local cooperation and using all the power of inter connectivity bringing others up to speed and offering solutions doable from where each of us are at and each of us are able to offer our part in the overall solution of equitable life.

The present system promoted does not wish for us all to be a force for change and better. Therefore it is imperative we address greed on every level, believe our every and each effort will change the present, determine selfishness, our own especially is detrimental to such change and most importantly withdraw our support in every way we can from those that wish to persuade and continue the present repression.

Systemic crashes are not what will heal. Evolution of perspective, will and mind is the path towards cure. One ingredient absolutely imperative is cooperation. Cooperation on every conceivable level takes out much feared loss of supply. Cooperative support in family, community and society always looks after its own. Separation, division and enmity on whatever scale will always destroy.

Turning Sh*t Creek into a beautiful lagoon and furnishing every navigator with their paddle of profusion is eminently possible. Working towards it requires work, lots of it. The rewards are something rarely experienced by many, yet awaiting our will and collective support and desire to reach these shores.

Whatever we end up with as currency in this more equitable and sustainable future will only be fashioned by desire and intent for such collective goals. No master is needed to make this a reality, just the mastery of self.

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Capt AH Trapman
: aka Toto, has been a journalist for The London Telegraph, author of several well received books include The Dog, Man’s Best Friend, The Greeks Triumphant and Straight Tips for Subs and co-founder/creator for the British Army, the Bicycle Battalions. As a researcher and investigative reporter he was responsible for uncovering hidden pathways to the Global Deep State following the global financial crash of 1929.


Same Old, Same Old The Treachery of the Powerful

It’s well known that as a revolutionary and researcher after truth I have certainly had my run-ins with the authorities, the plutocrats and the power brokers of my day. As a prior innocent who was brought up to believe our rulers are here to look after our best interests and serve us as such, reality was to come as a rude awakening.

Yet in retrospect the severity and rudeness of such an awakening is concomitant to the revelation of truths as they expose themselves and register real intent.

Look, a little about myself. It helps to bring a perspective and hopefully insight into where I come from, what drove me to make decisions I made and why today I stand truly at a point where the only thing relevant is the truth.

Of course I hear some say, truth is relative. Yes it is, yet there are truths defining our very nature and  humanity which, when trampled upon, demand righteous anger, indignation and a call to action to question such travesties then break loose all hell in pursuit of righting wrongful treatment of subjects royal (the citizens) bringing to justice, once re-established, the perpetrators of such criminal acts against the people.

When in 1776 the Declaration of Independence was declared and signed by many of the States of the newly founded republic, it caused grievous complaint and the raising of forces against such movement as to stimulate the War of Independence. That things had been brewing and friction engaged is fact. My forebears, a founding family of the Carolinas, were all for the revolutionary acts perpetrated by the revolutionaries. Although British by genealogy, their hearts were all for the birth of a great new idea.

It was when General George Washington and his beleaguered forces got holed up over the winter of 1777 at Valley Forge, my forebear John Moore donated 14,000 pounds in gold towards the survival of a dream. A huge sum then and a fortune now in debt to be repaid at 6% per annum. That is another part of the story – The reality of such generosity is what we are experiencing today – a nation once birthed in good intentions now making its way as the empire of hegemonic psychopathic force intent on bending the world to its whip.


Empire disguised as Benign Power

It is of course where this reality once a dream has fallen to. Fallen not only foul of original intention but has birthed and bred a travesty parading itself as “Freedom and Democracy’. How a republic feels it can strut its right to a democracy is merely one single point of the lie foisted on a world, still somehow beholden to this chimera of freedom.
As a journalist, to be precise a war correspondent, I have witnessed my fair share of travesty, terror and outright genocidal slaughter paraded as rightful cause. Yet as my eyes were opened, through diligent research and constant questioning I stand here today and openly admit my shame at being not only British but having been party and witness to unspeakable and unreported crimes committed in the name of freedom and democracy. These crimes having being made not only by Americans but British, Turks, Europeans and others. That I stand now as an independent witness and let’s face it, whistle-blower to unspeakable actions on behalf of the rich and powerful is not a position I hold with any sort of pride.
My family on my father’s side comes from a long line of diplomats, spies, double dealers and intrepid explorers after hope, evolution and truth. Certainly a mixed bag of credentials for one of theirs to face the true enemy of humanity. Furthermore having been roped in and used by the very forces and powers I now expose and face full on, it begets a mighty task. However out of the womb of unrighteousness can be born the seeds of justice.

To have witnessed personally the activities of those bringing us the Crash of 1929 and subsequent rise of criminal banking cartels alongside nefarious plans for sowing war upon war upon war, it is not a happy lot, yet it is these very acts of witness allowing me to continue this work, enlighten those wishing to be enlightened and to fight against all travesties.


My personal honors and short lived glory are few. Having, in the days when I looked to the British Empire as the great and good it portrayed itself, my youthful exuberance flung me willingly into the ranks of the British Army. It was here I helped create the single biggest battalion ever in the history of that army – The Bicycle Battalions. With my pedigree and useful endeavors a nascent British Intelligence agency separated me out as useful for their purposes. Again in the day it was deemed honorable to be asked and serve one’s country in these shadowy ways. It also attracted a lot of well educated chancers who saw the swash and buckle as impressive when dating women. Yes the naivety of those illustrious ‘cloak and dagger‘ agents was the almost immediate undoing of the Service.

Much of the rest of my former life is a parody to failure, except the posthumous success of one of my several books, The Dog which come to think of it did not transpire in my life! – anyways –  my life as lived was far more an experiential rocky road than Yellow Brick. Even that took on an edge early when a chance meeting in my teens with Frank Baum of Wiz of Oz fame, in America had him steal my family nickname, Toto, for future literary purposes. But I digress.

It is the uncovering of those vile bankers, the money men and putrid rivers of money followed to their source that has presently landed me as Public Enemy No1, a hunted truth seeker with help from groups of others, let us call them Outsiders, set upon exposing the rotten core of what has become the main cog driving the madness that is our world today.

Be it Rockefeller, Rothschild, Kuhn Loeb, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, The Federal Reserve or Bank of England, Rome Frankfurt, London or New York the control by the few of the many, the enslavement of populations, exploitation and murder of countless millions is a story now so deep, so terrifying that to even question its veracity is to be criminalized, ostracized and called traitor.

So with all the tools I have been gifted by those that have come after me I declare my intention to expose through formidable research and credited abilities these facts. Whilst mortal I merely scratched the surface and began to uncover, however around me I look and see many hundreds if not millions of Outsiders working hard today to disseminate truth and hidden history.

Technology seems to have out-ridden the newspapers and radio broadcasts of my day. That I worked with and was then royally screwed over by such an esteemed title as The New York Times, looks in retrospect like the burgeoning practice of one organ, among many now utterly sold out and used by the very powers’ actions I had started to uncover.

Same old, same old! is it not?

As my life long friend and fellow renegade, Nikola Tesla, told me once, referring to the media:Nikola-Tesla-hero-631.jpg__800x600_q85_crop
They’re all sluts to the whores of banking and wealth… ” and further observed about those that rule us:
“What briefly passed as governance has become a tool with which the plutocrats play us all”

Having gone through the mill and now able to operate on the other side I can say with absolute certainty that to right these wrongs, to fight this insidious enemy we need to band together, operate as the many parts of the one and withdraw our cooperation with a system sick to the core. That may feel like exposing us naked and vulnerable, yet armed with truth, integrity and the will to overcome, we ourselves become the true power and dominion in this world.

The question to ask is “Do I have the requisite courage to stand and declare my truth?

Read more of my research and the story of uncovering the mechanisms of global control in Dreams and Realities

Capt AH Trapman
: aka Toto, has been a journalist for The London Telegraph, author of several well received books include The Dog, Man’s Best FriendThe Greeks Triumphant and Straight Tips for Subs and co-founder/creator for the British Army, the Bicycle Battalions. As a researcher and investigative reporter he was responsible for uncovering hidden pathways to the Global Deep State following the global financial crash of 1929.


The Cuckoos Have Puppets and Play Them to Death

During my brother’s time in Leningrad,  known today as St Petersburg, it was common to hear the tale of 6 million Jews being persecuted by the Bolsheviks.

ludwiglandmannMy good friend Ludwig Landmann, the first Jewish mayor of Frankfurt, often shared with me how he found these figures of persecution of his Jewish brethren to be so glibly exaggerated and proclaimed. Of course as any true Jew will attest the figures, this propaganda has had its roots in the offensive cause of the Zionist movement, with the explicit intent to portray the Jewish people as the most despised, hated and persecuted in history.

Like many other cultures Jews have had their fair share of persecution. That cannot be denied. Yet as long as ill informed, propagandized people believe their leaders’ imprecations that ‘It’s the others that are the problem, the scourge, the anti-Semites‘, the myths built around and to support the Zionist machinations will continue.6 million hoax

I myself, when working with the New York Times, in the late 1920s heard and read archive material from as far back in 1890 where the editorials were ‘shocking up’ people to accept tales of six million persecuted Polish and Russian Jews. This ‘magic number’ had been part and parcel of a weapon of indoctrination to get people to believe the unique and quantitative experience of one ‘chosen‘ people. Many of these stories specifically were targeted at raising money for the poor persecuted Jews in these states and I remember how even senator Louis McFadden, the vociferous opponent of the Federal Reserve and foreign bankers shared how much of these monies raised ended up in the pockets of the Zionists, demonstrating how Jewish fundraising operations in America raised vast sums in the name of feeding Polish and Russian Jews, then funneled much of the money to Zionist and Communist “constructive undertakings” – including banks, unions, and kibbutzes.

My research discovered these evident truths and made me a prime target for retribution, as I exposed and uncovered the nefarious activities of the Eight Families, their puppet theatrics, The Federal Reserve, and main sycophantic self-interested plutocrats, political psychopaths and all those whose own integrity and peccadilloes had been exposed and compromised through blackmail and pay offs.

Why is this relevant to the world in 2017?

Well quite simply the power initiated, transformed and enlarged through not only two major world wars and the corporate growth of the Military Industrial Complex has now reached a pinnacle of control and placement of precise puppets in every meaningful seat of governance and corporate control as to affect the world’s fate. That fate seems to have only one direction – down and out!

I witnessed, as did many back in the day, how the experiment Zionists colluded with and orchestrated that became the Bolshevik Revolution, worked as a template for initiating, not only slaughter on a massive scale across decades but also proved their power to manipulate and propagandize the message to a world uncertain and ill informed except through the mass media at the time. Of course the New York Times was under the control of Zionist sympathizers, let alone true adherents to the message, so propagating that message was simplicity itself.

Two major wars later we had the story writ hugely exaggerated with the six million figure securing yet more juice to the sobbing, poor us history. Let us not deny there was untold slaughter in the many millions, yet the magic figure of the six million can be seen again to play a psychopathic symphony that today perpetuates the ‘rightness‘ of inflicting genocide, murder and proxy war on all who are branded as non believers.

Today you have also a whole raft of mainstream media, a television virus and powerful puppets in control dictating the manipulation of how people must think. For those breaking ranks, telling truth, they are branded with a lie and excuse that’s worked wonders even before the real Cuckoos went on to rape pillage and own as their own nest of Palestine. These things I have already detailed elsewhere. This anti-Semite jab and slur, for slur it most certainly is, has been a well admitted facilitator by the very Zionists who use it as a tool for shutting down dissent and any other side of the story that questions Zionist actions and criminal acts. For many other self confessed truths watch this compilation horror!

It is this sweeping generalization and persecution of non-Jewish response that creates division, increases the myth of the Jews as worst persecuted people on earth,  allowing these Cuckoos to inveigle themselves into this pity city story line of their own creation, at the same time as making the Jews suffer the persecution the Zionists themselves inflict on everyone else.

Because this fantasy has run for so many decades and been successfully planted into the consciousness of so many generations it becomes like so much of the Zionist propaganda, a lie repeated often becomes accepted as truth.

However for any sane human being mere repetition does not a lie make true. Yet today we are beset by so many untruths, so many ‘historical facts‘ masquerading as truth, yet merely propaganda of the victors and a continuous bashing out of the humiliation and persecution of a group that from out of its midst has propagated more persecution and destruction on the rest of the world than it ever has had fall on itself.

Today, as I scan 2017 it is so easy for those who have brain cells even semi functioning to see and hear all the proclamations of the vested interests’ and their puppet power seekers’ statements, when reversed, describe precisely what they and their actions are prosecuting themselves.

In the Middle East we see military presence of powers utterly subsumed in the control and exercise of what the Cuckoos are trying to achieve. Each corridor of meaningful power retches with dual nationals, Zionists or sympathizers, I prefer to call them puppets. These foul treacherous creatures slither through the corridors of DC, Westminster, potentate palaces of oil rich oligarchies, writhing, whispering threats and orders within a serpentine European Union, created as it was intended to be – the ultimate manifestation of power founded in my time, the Bank of International Settlements in Basel.

Today people of intelligence and proper research show up how media have been so successful brainwashing the general population. The technologies of the Internet offer such great diversionary divisive and distracting opportunity as to confuse and confabulate most all who never allowed development of their critical faculties.

So when we see the prosecution of trumped up lies and war bravado, when the incitement to belligerence is seen as the pinnacle of intelligent diplomacy, you have to look at who truly benefits from these mad cap actions.

Of course it’s easy to say the corporations of weapon manufacture benefit, when has it never? It is simplistic to say it is right over wrong, since there is no right involved in prosecuting lies and deceit. It becomes even easier to sit back and deny everything that does not equate with the status quo. Woe betide, I think my own thoughts rather than suck up what I am fed.

Collusion and acquiescence are far simpler solutions when anything more demanding than that might just rock my world of safe assumptions and plausible deniability into such dramatic change as to make me question the whole of my life’s learning.  You can take whatever tinpot dictator, more often than not placed there by the perpetrators themselves in times past, point the finger and say “Bad Man/Woman” and bomb the hell out of them, their country and their innocent peoples. Again merely more excuses and means to rid the populations of their right to live on earth at the same time as satiating psychopathic lust and gaining the aims and objectives of a Zionist cult.

As always follow the money – follow the plan, well presented and openly admitted as the Greater Israel Project. Then you see plainly how mayhem, murder and genocide are the expert’s choice of tools for bringing this plan to its evil conclusion.

Today, precisely 100 years from the time the rat Balfour agreed to deal the Zionist their long term prize worked for since the mid 1800s, that of flying into the nest that is Palestine, occupying it as their own, we are near to these criminal elements getting their way. The plan itself ought to have raised red flags as to intention, yet all it spawned has been an egregious growth of false flag operations, a major tool in the Zionist chest, helping throw blame and diversionary bigotry onto everyone else but the perpetrators of such criminality.

It has always and ever been that guilt must rest ultimately at the door of the Capo dei Capi – the Cuckoos.

Can you now appreciate why the reversal of such guilt, blame and persecution is foisted on all those  exposing this truth. This is a classic, well worn and tried methodology where the absolute perpetrators of such a sorry saga of world deterioration into total subservience and non-existence, blame their target.

Then we must not forget the front men,  this cabal of connivance, such as the criminal de Laszlo, Philip Alexius, 1869-1937; The Right Honourable Montagu Collet Norman (1871-1950), Governor of the Bank of England (1920-1944)head of The Bank of England, Sir Montagu Norman. His close and despicable dealings with the Rothschilds, who had virtually owned the City of London since their double crossing gambling from the outcome of Waterloo lays an indelible stain on the reputation of the City that becomes nothing other than a criminally controlled entity doing the bidding of those controlling the other two prongs of the triangulation, DC and Rome.

So much vested interest, so much fear of exposure of these truths and an unhealthy cowardice demonstrated by those whose positions could easily turn the tide of history makes the plight of humanity a sorry spectacle to behold.
Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fearAmbrose Redmoon
We all sit upon the razor’s edge of decision. To decide to comply and be complicit in the greatest crime humanity has brought upon itself or to decide to voice truth from every point of connectivity, every megaphone, every contact we make through whatever form, from this moment.

It is easy to remain asleep, it is comfortable to deny truth as its bastard opposite rips through each sense and part of our being. It is simplicity itself to accept the psychopaths atop the pyramid of power are perfectly at liberty to crush every last fiber left of our sanity, liberty and reason.

It is the most courageous, most challenging and most beautiful act to defy all this and speak truth. Reiterate, campaign and defy the powers that propagate persecution of the real power in our world – We the people!
Read more of my research and the story of uncovering the mechanisms
of global control in Dreams and Realities

Capt AH Trapman
aka Toto, has been a journalist for The London Telegraph, author of several well received books include The Dog, Man’s Best FriendThe Greeks Triumphant and Straight Tips for Subs and co-founder/creator for the British Army, the Bicycle Battalions. As a researcher and investigative reporter he was responsible for uncovering hidden pathways to the Global Deep State following the global financial Crash of 1929.