When You Know Nothing – BREXIT!

I am long in the tooth enough to remember the whole entry circus into the Common Market. The ways we were pulled and pushed then was a gentlemanly affair suiting the likes of PM Heath’s demeanour.

Today in the final throes of Brexit led by a satanic witch and party of moronic self seekers and would be plutocrats, the circus has the same ragged top with clowns littering its ring. Any semblance of a ‘gentlemanly thing’ went west long ago and before Rees Mogg’s  plastic Ealing comedy type making the teens and millennials snigger in their soaked corner of crapulence cultivated selfishly through their latest hand held tech.

The whole idea and implementation of Brexit was formulated pre Thatcher to divert attention from the upcoming (then) master stroke of the greed infested corporate arse licking politicos who had already began placing WD40 into the revolving doors they would in future be using in rapid succession. 2008 was merely a trial run.

The greatest threat came from the hoi poloi, the great unwashed  who if they got a sniff of reality and what was being laid down for them would have seriously revolted. Revolution is a strange and to be avoided animal for the British commoner. The soup of bolshy trades unions confronting The Boss was as tepid an attempt as they were mostly prepared to muster.

Ignorance is bliss they would crow feeling terribly well heeled and educated to a philosophy in severe rabies mode. Music, drugs, the benefit system, unique inverted snobbery of too lazy to work the jobs the blacks and Pakis were taking off them suited their monstrously ignorant mentality.

Lest we avoid the class system ladder not knowingly sold cheaper in John Lewis, the middle classes, no less ignorant but in a class of their own could be seen wearing what they took as invisible dunces caps, merely, oh so politely, farted and pretended they did not shit in the same vacuous way as the working class and professed their slaughtering Godmother Mrs T was the best thing to happen to this country since Elizabeth First. Little did they know (and that was fact) how cripplingly and nauseously this modern day Boudicca would turn and savage every last penny from their precious investment folios, English castles and pension funds through her stormtroopers, the Banksters and Asset Stripping Managers.

Fast forward to today, we are told as one of the fun facts that the service industry will be ring fenced from any sort of Brexit. Of course it will as it this very service industry that has been earmarked to be the forward guard of the vain attempts to make a success of an In, Out or round the houses exit from the most undemocratic entity namely the EU.

You see throughout all these years of blindsiding, obfuscation and deliberate confusing of the creative crowd, the sole objective has been to cream off the most amount of gold, silver and ill gotten wealth for the few at the top of the shit pile.

The rest, well do we really care for the rest?

The swift and direct answer is NO! Always has been since time immemorial. However today Brexit gives us an illusion we shall be free and released from the pay the piper principle, be our own boss (really?) and see a whole new ocean of opportunity in  new trade partners, deals  and an amassing of a 21st century wealth provision as we have never experienced before, save in the days of Empire.

Of course Empire made a very select few humongously wealthy. That carried on for centuries culminating in an Industrial Revolution purporting to serve the masses yet at the same time using them as slave labour. Did I say we were rotten at revolution? Well those that were not were those steering the Industrial Revolution. The few with their fingers in the honey pot and between their East End whores’ legs, professing equality yet abusing as always their serf servicers and authoritarian followers.

Science and discovery made great leaps forward yet merely servicing the great unwashed with toys to keep them calm, subservient and on the production line. Innovators and creative thinkers leaped at opportunities to invent, create and with luck make themselves as rich as their mentors. If their patents and trademarks were not taken down, over and stolen into the rich deep pockets of elite chancers they could be considered lucky until the next tool of control  – the manipulated markets created yet another boom bust economic disaster/miracle.

A lie does not consist in the indirect position of words, but in the desire and intention, by false speaking, to deceive and injure your neighbour.

Jonathan Swift

As technology advanced under the now powerful military industrial complex ever more plastic and attractive ‘must haves’ had to be created to keep the masses comatose and seemingly happy with new found freedoms in choice, handhelds and ways of purchase methodologies. The Internet and a furious debt economy package was rolled out at the highest speed possible. It was so fast that people believed their next stop was Dan Dare’s new Sci Fi world or for the Millenials Star Wars and replicant freedom gifting bright futures.

The amount of money creamed off is reflected in the poster child images of Bezos, Suckerberg, Musk, Branson and their lesser sprog football mega millionaires, sport’s golden kinder and wannabe have it alls. The puppet masters like the Waltons, Soros, Clintons and their shady vile Wall Street thugs played their part as their Biggest Boss – the Bank of England owners Rothschild Cartel – ordered them to.

In the greater scheme of things mosquitoes like Brexit would serve beautifully in allowing so many eyes to be kept off the balls in the air, especially when the occasional one was dropped. It benefited the idea of global disorder, division and discord, along with an arbitrary yet significant genocidal culling necessary to create a far smaller slave task force of worker ants.

To anyone having lived through the divisive, hate fuelled and despicable rabble rousing repetitive drone billed as Brexit, i.e. most of us, nothing good will come from this treacle of treachery, this disabusing of good yet simple people.

What will come to pass is an even more solid disillusionment, a hardening of polarities and a field excellently fertilised to seed even greater dissent, growing violence and stupidity in equal portions and exponentially. These will be the foundations for their new world.

This new world will ultimately become a pyrrhic victory for centuries of preparation leading to this singular psychopathic World Order. As in nature where disease, virulent poisoning cycles are necessarily staunched, reprocessed and composted, so the cycle of the East will rise, like the rising sun. Banishing darkness of millennia it will herald in an eon of cooperation, respect for true diversity and an equality and balance not seen since pre-Sumerian days. The wheel turns between reinvention, yet learning from such millennia long experiments is never a given when factoring in the human element. The instantaneous blinding light of a nuclear winter is never far from insanity.

So battle your way through the Brexit Gate, pump up your posture allowing pomp and circumstance to flourish yet realise what you see as a new dawn to be the ever growing glow of your own self destruction. Its blast will become amplified as the EU implodes, the  absurdly bankrupt USA will have its plug pulled and that famous reset button will be coloured red

As surely as the West will fall into its own putrid puddle of hubris, sanity will rise and offer its compassionate hand from everywhere that never bought into the bullshit served at a bloated table Hogarth would have chortled at, drawn and cursed and Swift would have remarked insightfully:

“When a true genius appears, you can know him by this sign: that all the dunces are in a confederacy against him”

Your prepping has never before been more needed and imperative!


About the author:
Jonathan Trapman, author, journalist and Outsider merely carries on the work of Toto Trapman, researcher, journalist and Public Enemy No 1. to the elite forces ranged against him for his research and uncoverings.

Dreams and Realities, the introductory true story volume of the 7 book The Freedom Cycle is the opener and reveal to much of the shenanigans alluded to here.

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Read more of my research and the story uncovering the mechanisms of global control in Dreams and Realities

Toto Trapman
: Journalist for The London Telegraph, author of several well received books include The Dog, Man’s Best Friend, The Greeks Triumphant and Straight Tips for Subs and co-founder/creator for the British Army, the Bicycle Battalions. As a researcher and investigative reporter and ex Secret Service operative,  he was responsible for uncovering hidden pathways to the Global Deep State following the global financial crash of 1929.

Grand Theft Distraction – No Virtual World, It’s Real!

When the magician wishes you to see his trick a heavy dose of distraction is employed. The better the employment the greater the magician appears to be.
When power structures wish to bamboozle, lie and obfuscate using global deceit they distract populations and groups, specific or global using the same methodology.

Today we’re told we have more at our fingertips to learn, be informed and appraise our growth in an evolving world. All the stuff at our disposition to help us manage, comprehend and make the best possible decisions and choices when it comes to personal and collective position. We’re soothed into believing we have never had so much to help so many become or remain free, self aware and self accumulating. We’re told we are blessed in so many ways. Our lives a silk thread’s breadth away from being fabulous.

At the same time an increase on terror, illustrations of freedom lost, economies in hyper bubble dire straits and the need to staunch and prevent a gaping, growing hole in the ship of state to be fixed. Necessity has never been so called upon to supply draconian responses, they imply, for our own good.

It would not be out of place, in the way these power structures sell themselves to throw up the avenging parental analogy, guardians of the greater good, protectors of a people. The imprecation ‘We’re all in it togetherWe’re exceptional‘ ‘There’s a war on for our hearts and minds‘ ‘Those freedoms so hard struggled for are at dire risk‘ ‘We’re faced with an enemy hell bent on taking XYZ away from us‘. These are a few of the trigger phrases pumped out, regurgitated and repeated ad infinitum.

A necessary enemy has always been the foundation stone for military expansionism, creating both strategies and physical means to face up and challenge aggression real or imagined. Be it in economic terms, survival against natural disasters or plain bad guys hell bent on conquering our precious ‘way of life‘,  freedom and democracy the need for control, weapons and restrictions are imperative. The emotive ‘blood and treasure‘ are exhorted.

The Art of Distraction is an ancient art. History illustrates its longevity. With so much technological skill and informational resources at our disposal it is easy believing the Modern Day Magician is hard pressed to fool us. That assumption is the first and very basic mistake we would make.

We’re replete with ways never dreamed of in years gone by. CGI is a very obvious illustration of what can be achieved. The days of painting out treasonous figures from an old photo is crude compared with conjuring complete battles, wars and criminal activity only existing in digital landscapes presented us as truth. The editing suite doubles as a spear of propaganda and twisted perception. It may look real to addled minds, yet to critical thought, informed appraisal and eagle eye it still is just another set of magic tricks.

Such complex scenarios although undoubtedly used are not essential all the time for most of us. Used for game changing moments such as were witnessed in 1969, 2001 and so many false flag events littering the path of present day shenanigans, most of the time all that is needed is a continual diet of half truths, lies and repetitive propaganda spewed forth from television and wider media. Mobile technologies, the next numerical G roll out, electromagnetic technologies offering solution rich living aids inveigled into our lives through Internet, AI and wi-fi compound the daily diet of mental dumb downing.

Constantly subjected to beliefs that economic scarcity, lack of basic provision and inherent fear of loss we are forced to swallow the creed controlled by the powers that be that the sure way forward is under their best guidance.

Manipulated global lack, be it food, energy resources, psychological impediments in the guise of foreign belief structures invading minds and lives through false news, errant beliefs, virus creations and refugees are laid out. The injury to individual and collective health, the threat these  pose demands handing control over to our masters.

The greatest distraction, the never ending lie has always been – It is our good and best interests that are served when such powers enforce their ways. Bombarded for so long and intensely, both liminally and subliminally, it becomes harder and harder to separate the real from the virtual, truth from fiction.

Most, not holding the skills or desire to pick out this grand entanglement, retreat into a well padded comfort zone where cognitive dissonance rules. Denial and deafness become brother and sister. Hate, distaste, irrationality and prejudice become the mother and father of all reaction. The Magicians look on, drooling at the success having nullified critical thought, appraisal and transparency to see through of the veils drawn down.

Today we stand in a world where truth is a heinous crime, transparency a criminal weakness, kindness folly, empathy wishy washy, touchy feely and the mark of sissies and the powerless. The pretense practicing and demonstrating such qualities becomes acceptable only when not impinging the goal of obedience to party line and political correctness. Irrelevancies are fed us to lush out on. Such feed compounds the distraction without redirecting the main mission. Television supplies a feast to argue over, rile against and media in general, through celebrity, envy and lack pits each one against the other, easily maintaining vacuous entertainment. Bread and circus comes full spectrum 21st century with apps, hand-helds, microwaves controlling and hate fests in every shape and size, be it LGBT, black, white, Commies, foreigners, refugees, trolls – the list is endless. Intolerance  a powerful, useful means in keeping people divided, holding emotional reaction in a permanent red zone, its creative use more often than not hits overdrive, whilst simultaneously expressed as evil. Dual purpose has never been so dark.

Under these conditions persuading people imminent danger, be it terrorism, war, invasion, freedom or the destruction of bought into life styles are about to go belly up is easy. Draconian responses become far more palatable, more easily accomplished and so often demanded by the abused themselves. Yet all the time few realize how manipulated and deceitful these things are in their full deception.

The Brexit game played out on the population is one such trick. Of and by itself fashioned to offer an acceptable way to withdraw from an uncontrolled, undemocratic system of group control, it sowed huge division. Stepping back, understanding where this leads an unfortunate and unwitting state, be it leave or remain, denies seeing the trick of the light played that was merely a distraction into chaos both within Europe and the UK. That fermenting chaos as we presently witness and experience is merely laying down fertile soil for the next stage to be sown seamlessly into our psyche.

Manipulated illegal take overs of states by a variety of players HQ’d inside the Beltway and lobbied wildly by the MIC war machine, NATO, allies various and the backing bankers and money men further ratchet up tensions creating Russian, Chinese and Iranian ‘enemies’. Proxy puppets in the shape of ISIS, Boko Haram and all the other shitty little psycho players are all called up to play their part. Sanitized apartheid practices, genocide, torture and despotic control over innocent people by illegitimate ‘so-called Semites’, Cuckoos in the Palestinian nest,  has become a well oiled art. Alongside rabid stigmatization of anyone questioning their practices, revealing their true nature and game, elicits desperate, draconian, underhand methods imperiling so far more than the few playing heinous, disastrous games. Empires have always been constructed thus. It is just the violence employed today is hidden behind screens of deceptive distraction. Its degradation, psychotic employment is sanitized in verbal NLP vocabulary making it sound a mere everyday irritation or error.

Today these toys of distraction confront a growing critical mass of awareness calling out this Grand Theft Distraction, revealing it for its true being. The audacity in throwing into plain sight what in truth is dark and evil comedy reveals an arrogant hubris that by and of itself turns into its own suicide belt.

Calling them out, exposing the Hollow Wizards behind putrid curtains of deceit may well encourage such Powers to play a full and final hand. Convincing us all it is for our own good demands calling their bluff, exposing the lie and in truly heroic terms, allowing good guys to win this centuries old battle. Battle it is, as the War is as old as humanity itself and an ongoing struggle as it has ever faced. How the War is waged will only be gradually revealed as we manage evolution and ourselves.

It always comes at huge human cost. This is the paradox of life. Death is integral and absolute in such an equation. We may crave a fairy tale yet our stumbling, ever searching progress defines that the very experience must tear itself from the childish fairy tale and grow into a far more mature and adult, essential to achieving our destiny.

Reality is the stuff of our own creation. Virtual equivalences hold no soul, nothing more than experimentation within a powerful operational tool. Outcomes can be magicked, hi-tech AI solutions created yet the exploration and development of our human being will reveal we ourselves hold everything needed to realize the solution – that is our journey. Distraction in any form, self created or imposed from outside disrupts, delays and impedes on the path to true freedom.

Knowing oneself offers not only the best suit of armor but also turns into the most nourishing diet we could ever have desired.


Read more of my research and the story of uncovering the mechanisms of global control in Dreams and Realities

Capt AH Trapman
: aka Toto, has been a journalist for The London Telegraph, author of several well received books include The Dog, Man’s Best Friend, The Greeks Triumphant and Straight Tips for Subs and co-founder/creator for the British Army, the Bicycle Battalions. As a researcher and investigative reporter he was responsible for uncovering hidden pathways to the Global Deep State following the global financial crash of 1929.