When You Know Nothing – BREXIT!

I am long in the tooth enough to remember the whole entry circus into the Common Market. The ways we were pulled and pushed then was a gentlemanly affair suiting the likes of PM Heath’s demeanour.

Today in the final throes of Brexit led by a satanic witch and party of moronic self seekers and would be plutocrats, the circus has the same ragged top with clowns littering its ring. Any semblance of a ‘gentlemanly thing’ went west long ago and before Rees Mogg’s  plastic Ealing comedy type making the teens and millennials snigger in their soaked corner of crapulence cultivated selfishly through their latest hand held tech.

The whole idea and implementation of Brexit was formulated pre Thatcher to divert attention from the upcoming (then) master stroke of the greed infested corporate arse licking politicos who had already began placing WD40 into the revolving doors they would in future be using in rapid succession. 2008 was merely a trial run.

The greatest threat came from the hoi poloi, the great unwashed  who if they got a sniff of reality and what was being laid down for them would have seriously revolted. Revolution is a strange and to be avoided animal for the British commoner. The soup of bolshy trades unions confronting The Boss was as tepid an attempt as they were mostly prepared to muster.

Ignorance is bliss they would crow feeling terribly well heeled and educated to a philosophy in severe rabies mode. Music, drugs, the benefit system, unique inverted snobbery of too lazy to work the jobs the blacks and Pakis were taking off them suited their monstrously ignorant mentality.

Lest we avoid the class system ladder not knowingly sold cheaper in John Lewis, the middle classes, no less ignorant but in a class of their own could be seen wearing what they took as invisible dunces caps, merely, oh so politely, farted and pretended they did not shit in the same vacuous way as the working class and professed their slaughtering Godmother Mrs T was the best thing to happen to this country since Elizabeth First. Little did they know (and that was fact) how cripplingly and nauseously this modern day Boudicca would turn and savage every last penny from their precious investment folios, English castles and pension funds through her stormtroopers, the Banksters and Asset Stripping Managers.

Fast forward to today, we are told as one of the fun facts that the service industry will be ring fenced from any sort of Brexit. Of course it will as it this very service industry that has been earmarked to be the forward guard of the vain attempts to make a success of an In, Out or round the houses exit from the most undemocratic entity namely the EU.

You see throughout all these years of blindsiding, obfuscation and deliberate confusing of the creative crowd, the sole objective has been to cream off the most amount of gold, silver and ill gotten wealth for the few at the top of the shit pile.

The rest, well do we really care for the rest?

The swift and direct answer is NO! Always has been since time immemorial. However today Brexit gives us an illusion we shall be free and released from the pay the piper principle, be our own boss (really?) and see a whole new ocean of opportunity in  new trade partners, deals  and an amassing of a 21st century wealth provision as we have never experienced before, save in the days of Empire.

Of course Empire made a very select few humongously wealthy. That carried on for centuries culminating in an Industrial Revolution purporting to serve the masses yet at the same time using them as slave labour. Did I say we were rotten at revolution? Well those that were not were those steering the Industrial Revolution. The few with their fingers in the honey pot and between their East End whores’ legs, professing equality yet abusing as always their serf servicers and authoritarian followers.

Science and discovery made great leaps forward yet merely servicing the great unwashed with toys to keep them calm, subservient and on the production line. Innovators and creative thinkers leaped at opportunities to invent, create and with luck make themselves as rich as their mentors. If their patents and trademarks were not taken down, over and stolen into the rich deep pockets of elite chancers they could be considered lucky until the next tool of control  – the manipulated markets created yet another boom bust economic disaster/miracle.

A lie does not consist in the indirect position of words, but in the desire and intention, by false speaking, to deceive and injure your neighbour.

Jonathan Swift

As technology advanced under the now powerful military industrial complex ever more plastic and attractive ‘must haves’ had to be created to keep the masses comatose and seemingly happy with new found freedoms in choice, handhelds and ways of purchase methodologies. The Internet and a furious debt economy package was rolled out at the highest speed possible. It was so fast that people believed their next stop was Dan Dare’s new Sci Fi world or for the Millenials Star Wars and replicant freedom gifting bright futures.

The amount of money creamed off is reflected in the poster child images of Bezos, Suckerberg, Musk, Branson and their lesser sprog football mega millionaires, sport’s golden kinder and wannabe have it alls. The puppet masters like the Waltons, Soros, Clintons and their shady vile Wall Street thugs played their part as their Biggest Boss – the Bank of England owners Rothschild Cartel – ordered them to.

In the greater scheme of things mosquitoes like Brexit would serve beautifully in allowing so many eyes to be kept off the balls in the air, especially when the occasional one was dropped. It benefited the idea of global disorder, division and discord, along with an arbitrary yet significant genocidal culling necessary to create a far smaller slave task force of worker ants.

To anyone having lived through the divisive, hate fuelled and despicable rabble rousing repetitive drone billed as Brexit, i.e. most of us, nothing good will come from this treacle of treachery, this disabusing of good yet simple people.

What will come to pass is an even more solid disillusionment, a hardening of polarities and a field excellently fertilised to seed even greater dissent, growing violence and stupidity in equal portions and exponentially. These will be the foundations for their new world.

This new world will ultimately become a pyrrhic victory for centuries of preparation leading to this singular psychopathic World Order. As in nature where disease, virulent poisoning cycles are necessarily staunched, reprocessed and composted, so the cycle of the East will rise, like the rising sun. Banishing darkness of millennia it will herald in an eon of cooperation, respect for true diversity and an equality and balance not seen since pre-Sumerian days. The wheel turns between reinvention, yet learning from such millennia long experiments is never a given when factoring in the human element. The instantaneous blinding light of a nuclear winter is never far from insanity.

So battle your way through the Brexit Gate, pump up your posture allowing pomp and circumstance to flourish yet realise what you see as a new dawn to be the ever growing glow of your own self destruction. Its blast will become amplified as the EU implodes, the  absurdly bankrupt USA will have its plug pulled and that famous reset button will be coloured red

As surely as the West will fall into its own putrid puddle of hubris, sanity will rise and offer its compassionate hand from everywhere that never bought into the bullshit served at a bloated table Hogarth would have chortled at, drawn and cursed and Swift would have remarked insightfully:

“When a true genius appears, you can know him by this sign: that all the dunces are in a confederacy against him”

Your prepping has never before been more needed and imperative!


About the author:
Jonathan Trapman, author, journalist and Outsider merely carries on the work of Toto Trapman, researcher, journalist and Public Enemy No 1. to the elite forces ranged against him for his research and uncoverings.

Dreams and Realities, the introductory true story volume of the 7 book The Freedom Cycle is the opener and reveal to much of the shenanigans alluded to here.

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Read more of my research and the story uncovering the mechanisms of global control in Dreams and Realities

Toto Trapman
: Journalist for The London Telegraph, author of several well received books include The Dog, Man’s Best Friend, The Greeks Triumphant and Straight Tips for Subs and co-founder/creator for the British Army, the Bicycle Battalions. As a researcher and investigative reporter and ex Secret Service operative,  he was responsible for uncovering hidden pathways to the Global Deep State following the global financial crash of 1929.

Word War One – The Pen v The Sword

“No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.” – John Keating

As a journalist having worked in and experienced many war zones it became obvious the pen is far mightier than the sword. Truth speaks more fluently through it than it does through gun barrel or rocket launcher, yet because there is far greater financial gain making munitions and raping countries’ natural wealth once conquered, the balance of odds looks tipped in the warmongering aggressors’ direction.

Information, educated facts and truths are the enemy of any war. Thus it is said the first casualty in any conflict is truth.

I witnessed first hand the bloody connivance of the British establishment and militarytot-in-greece-12-13 during the Balkan Wars. Their support for the Ottoman Empire’s murderous process was the final straw making me throw in my commission, take up my pen and make sure words became my anti war effort. The slim volume The Greeks Triumphant went some way towards that in supplying truthful witness reporting, albeit ignored during the First World War, whose lies and deceit in starting were the same problem reoccurring! greek-triumphant-scover

Today in 21st century reporting, journalism for the main rags and television have been utterly corralled and controlled by not only oligarchs but oligarchs in the pay and club of the Zionist Rothschild Banking cartel I fought many years of my later life exposing these facts  as anyone can find in Dreams and Realities. That this malevolent construct has embedded itself as absolute power is testament to not only people not paying enough attention but also to the power of a technological  methodology perfecting the spread words as propaganda and mind control.

This Word War was ignited and fanned by the attempts of the Fakers and Liars to point their pens at real Truth Tellers, focused and well researched exposers of such malfeasance. Their shouts of Foul! and Fake News! is merely well rehearsed distraction and diversion. It is the oldest game in the book to point at others diverting and describing the perpetrators own evils, sins and lies! To a dumb, dormant and compliant populace this repetition swiftly embeds itself as truth. The reality is it is so far from the truth as to make a critically thinking person weep!

This warfare is extremely dangerous as it invites any number of specious casus belli be offered up when in reality the very lies are the weakest maintenance of an untruth – the expansion of Empire. These are actions of a psychopathic, sick and evil construct dying in its own shit pool, as it is revealed and brought closer to its own unmasking. Exposure always encourages madcap action – a final solution – the destruction of mankind for the sake of the few, psychotically believing their immunity is sacrosanct from such terminal work.

Cries of helplessness are everywhere. The machine against them portrayed as so vast as to be insurmountable. Fears born out of ignorance of reality or plain refusal to look beyond the nose of their own comfort zones, feed this nonsensical position. Yet even the heights of Mount Olympus were brought low, exposed and found to be made of clay. What is needed is the destruction of this toxic mould. How that can be achieved is by working and agitating intelligently on a level where an individual can make a difference – locally. Most of us will never find ourselves in the public eye, we therefore do not have at our disposal the means to broadcast widely, in spite of the Internet.

Where potential is most effective for change through an individual, is within their own  sphere of influence. We are not all politicians, public speakers, celebrities (thank god!) or writers, film makers or popular activists in the wider world. However we all have our own community, even if that may be just two or three. These spaces are the best and most important to activate, educate and encourage into action. That many of the top ranked, most visible are owned, controlled and manipulated by the very forces who are the problem – The Cuckoo Zionist Corporate Bankster cabals alongside their puppets – we individually are not directly, merely allowing ourselves to become complaint, manipulated and abused.

Using  intelligence, diligence and the innate power we hold, it is incumbent on us all to stir a movement where truth is recognized, uncovered wherever it presents, which inevitably will never be found within the resources most people gather their news and information from.

Is social media a preferred and likely place for gearing up active support and dissemination of truth and reality? Yes true to a degree, yet it harbors also breeding grounds for control, deception and manipulation. By sowing doubt, lies, untruth, ‘fake news’ and all sorts of other games of subterfuge spy masters and elite make their craft, through the likes of Mossad, CIA, GCHQ and  other criminally controlled alphabet agencies and are past masters leading ill prepared individuals and groups who lack critical thinking, into confusion, dissemblance and frustration. I know, having been enrolled in their ranks at the outset of  modern spymasters’ Secret Services, it was and always is a dirty little secrets business.brainwashed

In every organization there are those who know the truth of things. These lights within the darkness break out, break silence to disseminate at vast personal cost for the greater good. These so-called whistle-blowers are never aided by ill-informed couch potatoes spewing off in social environments, their ignorant beliefs pronouncing how this and that fellow is controlled opposition/part of the elite etc. As if ignorance, zero knowledge and guess work ever uncovered truth, let alone being helpful. My advantage was and always has been to commit myself to finding the truth in any matter, through extensive and deep research, constantly asking questions, holding judgment until facts, not assumptions or logical fallacies persuade me to conclusions as bright as day.

An excellent source for beginners and professional alike is this web site. Its free downloaded or printed version of a logical fallacies poster is essential weaponry in the cause of Word War One.Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 12.33.23

The Internet, its programs, diversionary games, social sites and the rest is still, at the time of writing, a place where truth, facts and revelation can be fertile ground for awakening those whose minds have been limited. As I wrote in another article – it is in our power to change the odds, to set the program, as we have the numbers on our side. All the words and supplications the Powers That Be engage us in are mere whistling in the wind set against our power of denial of compliance, refusal to buy into their beliefs, rules or anything that contradicts the free and absolute right of our individual and collective sovereignty. So many forget this basic and founding principle we are – Sovereign!

So using every avenue, every opportunity and every means communicate the truth of what really is, what research has divulged. Anyone feeling they know too little then – get wised up, become informed and put all of that into action.

Anyone who does not becomes the problem. Anyone shirking their personal responsibility for the comfort of letting others do the work is complicit in helping the enemy win their case by abstention.

  • Start voting tactically – yes every vote counts, especially the votes that proclaim, “I will not be stolen!” None more importantly than this year 2017
  • Write in social media, without hate, loathing or other negativity – write truths, source references – research do not become lazy and take someone else’s word for it or worse, just re-post, parrot or regurgitate an unchecked, unverified publish. It just multiplies the bull!
  • Talk to family, friends and co workers – find out what they think – ask them why and where they got the confirmation for these beliefs. If it was through the TV, newspapers and mainstream, note that. Educate through example and excellent resources and research rather than forceful denying them their view. Better still share sources that contradict their opinion and get them to open a critical mind. We all have one rusty, snagged or operating well.
  • Take time meet people at their level no matter how low and show them how hypnotized they have allowed themselves through lapping up propaganda, manipulation and relinquishing control.
  • Always remember a horse can be taken to water but never made to drink. People cemented to their viewpoint and intransigent will only remain there, so move on: Never waste time and energy nor get plugged into stagnant and putrifying energy.

There are always those preferring destruction through blindness, ignorance and fear – just never spend too long around these types. We are far too close to the midnight hour.

The Word War, spoken and written,  may not feel like a gun in hand, yet alongside conviction, well done research and an absolute belief in truth and humanity, it becomes a far more powerful nuclear option than any bomb and best of all spills no blood of and by itself.

Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” – Rumi

Handle them carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs.” – Pearl Strachan Hurd

“All I need is a sheet of paper and something to write with, and then I can turn the world upside down.” -Friedrich Nietzsche

Read more of my research and the story of uncovering the mechanisms of global control in Dreams and Realities

Capt AH Trapman
: aka Toto, has been a journalist for The London Telegraph, author of several well received books include The Dog, Man’s Best Friend, The Greeks Triumphant and Straight Tips for Subs and co-founder/creator for the British Army, the Bicycle Battalions. As a researcher and investigative reporter he was responsible for uncovering hidden pathways to the Global Deep State following the global financial crash of 1929.