Rivers of Blood, Tsunamis of Terror – What is Your Take on a World in Meltdown?

It is with both a heavy heart and wonder and awe I feel moved to write this piece.
I commented earlier today on the significance of signs and portents. How so few of us give any credence or heed to these inimitable intuitive punches we receive so very often yet pay such scant attention to.

  • Do you see them as archaic parts of a past long gone?
  • Do you scoff at these elements you have little or no idea of?
  • Or do you slip into knee jerk, finely programmed reactions specifically tuned for you to utter – “Bloody conspiracy theorists”?

Because if signs and portents are not part of your critical thought-out approach to life alongside acuity spotting and interpreting them then you’ve been captured in a concentric circle of confusion with imminent demise written all over it.

It is hard enough sifting the wheat from chaff with the amount of information fed us and produced daily. Even back in the days when chicken entrails were read to interpret the gods’ anger or pleasure at human activity the ability sifting truth from fiction was precarious if not downright difficult. Back then heeding real comprehension of cause and effect was controlled by the priest/ess class. In cultures where the shaman was responsible as the go to source, fawning and lying was rare, due to resultant loss of ancestral integrity and meaning. In societies under the priest class and empire lords fear of chopped heads gave way to sycophantic, unreliable reports.

Everything we create, from thoughts to outright action affecting millions has a concomitant and precise effect and outcome. To ignore this knowingly or profess ignorance changes nothing. Outcomes will be the same.

Knowing the consequences of actions, arrogantly ignoring them through self deception and hubristic stubbornness is precisely why every empire falls, every delusional power structure collapses and evil is outed by the light of exposure.

Today’s war on our minds is so intense, pervasive and persistent many holding weak mindsets, preferring equivocation are sucked into a prison of their own mind and body. To these signs and portents mean nothing. They continue as ‘lost souls’ in a global society. Used as experimental cannon fodder of this mind war by controllers marking them as ‘collateral damage’ is par for the course.

It is left to those who read, comprehend and interpret signs and portents to broadcast and educate those entrapped in externally imprinted beliefs. Few will get it. Never in themselves absolutes, these indicators of future events allow a simplistic survival of the fittest (most awakened) Darwinian observation to run its course.

Signs and portents link suggestion, pre-event synchronicity, happenstance and significant actions to outcomes. Within this lies the alleged science espoused as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). It is a way to control consciously, comprehend and actively work with thought form, habit and ingrained patterning. It requires restructuring the mind. Through physical, mental ‘check and recognition’ skills, negatives patterns are caught and replaced with positive patterning. This allows an individual change unhelpful, negative pressures and psychological imbalances. Utilised properly and carried out with persistence, guidance and integrity, it works well.

Of course such innovations attract an ‘other side‘ looking for ways to use such developments for mind control, group think programming and desensitisation.  Richard Bandler and John Grinder who in the 1970s developed NLP in California, United States must have been aware of such interest however it is not the intention of this piece to delve into how much they may or may not have colluded in such dissemination. Suffice to say it has become a cornerstone behind propaganda, mind control and deflection of people’s self determination and attention.

Today the results of pervasive methodologies influencing language, perception and ingrained belief structures are super influential. NLP has been hijacked and used to excellent, malicious advantage.

Alongside the pervasive influence of mass media, advertising and technology modern gods of such methodology and technology get mighty displeased when their scripts are uncovered. Their Emperor’s new clothes get hurriedly soiled.

Against protestation and assault, more often than not violent, both verbal and physical, speakers of truth,  transparency makers of hitherto dark arts reveal lies promoted and the specious arrogance of power addicted elites. With every exposure the breaking down of systems of control spreads.

Through such exposure the art of reading signs and portents becomes easier, more transparently obvious and more powerful recognition that ultimately truth  calls out and wins over deception, overarching control and the propagation of psychopathic power.

Signs and portents are Nature’s gifts heralding a view of the return to equilibrium in a far, far greater plan and construct any arrogant entity might try to control and fail!

Read more of my research and the story uncovering the mechanisms of global control in Dreams and Realities

Capt AH Trapman
: aka Toto, has been a journalist for The London Telegraph, author of several well received books include The Dog, Man’s Best Friend, The Greeks Triumphantand Straight Tips for Subs and co-founder/creator for the British Army, the Bicycle Battalions. As a researcher and investigative reporter he was responsible for uncovering hidden pathways to the Global Deep State following the global financial crash of 1929.


2 thoughts on “Rivers of Blood, Tsunamis of Terror – What is Your Take on a World in Meltdown?

  1. Your articles on political correctness are essential reading for the silent majority in many Western democracies today.
    As the majority is under extreme threat from PC, ISLAM, & political treachery by elites – WHAT key strategies would you suggest for convincing the “silent majority” to awake and take action.
    If they don’t could it be a repeat of the fall of the Roman Empire?


  2. Tibs 346 – Thanks for your feedback.
    I would rephrase ‘extreme threat from PC, ISLAM,&…..”
    ‘extreme threat from PC, extremists of all colour and type,&…..”
    The ISLAM thing is merely the current MO as religious division has always been a divider of choice whatever millennium. The proxy use of such against majority ignorance serves well their (Elite’s) purposes.
    The populations of the West, mainly, have been propagandised, bashed into accepting and mind conditioned to believe Islam, its 1.4 billion adherents are THE PROBLEM, when in truth a very small but well supported group of lunatics have taken on the Islamic label and sullied a whole faith.
    This unsurprisingly is all part and parcel of indoctrination of a majority to become mind sheeple of the PTBs conditioning.
    One major strategy to counter this specious BS filled rubbish is to continue truth telling. However with a mainstream media owned and used as the mouthpiece for such lies, rubbish and propaganda, the media looks like the prime target to focus on.
    Unfortunately one can take a horse to water…… and until the majority begin to awaken from their self imposed or just ignorantly fallen into slumbers of complicity it will be a long and arduous task.
    Key tasks – all local in an awakened individual’s environment:
    Use listener relevant scenarios to question more
    Ask what is most relevant and pressing problem to solve for them not nationally
    Become attentive to what’s big for them personally/life impacting

    Then inform them of different information than just news,TV and peer group pressure.

    Since anyone really only takes note when they suffer personally it may also come down to that barrier being crossed for reaction to take effect. Willing ignorance (cognitive dissonance) is a heavy barrier to crack.

    The Roman Empire fell because of hubris, elite ignorance/dismissing arrogance built in FantasyLand. We watch as all this continues in that vein!


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